Contraceptive Choices For Newlyweds


Being ready for the married life does not always mean that you’re also ready to have a baby, so you might want to consider using contraceptives that will suit you to prevent unplanned pregnancy.

1. Copper IUD

The copper IUD can be used by any woman, even those who have never given birth. It’s 99% effective, and does not require so much effort, which makes it a great option for busy newlyweds. Your fertility returns immediately once the device is removed. It contains no hormones, and can last up to ten years.

Pro tip: have the IUD inserted a few months before the wedding to let your body adjust to it.

2. Oral Contraceptive Pills

The pills are very accessible, and easy to start and stop at any time. Your fertility returns soon when you stop taking it. If it’s used correctly, it’s 99% effective, and 91% effective with typical use.

3. Implants

The implant contains progestin only, and is a tiny, 3.5 cm long rod that offers up to three years protection against pregnancy. Doctors insert it in the upper arm, and once it’s in, it barely requires any effort from you for it to work (except for going back to the doctor to have it replaced when it’s time, or when you have decided to have it removed). It’s more than 99% effective, and you can get pregnant easily when it’s removed.

4. Condoms

Condoms aren’t usually associated with married life, but they should be! Condoms are great if you’re not sure how soon you want to have kids—plus, they make your sex life more fun with various scents and textures that you can choose from!



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