Five Reasons To Make Some Noise In The Bedroom

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Being noisy in the bedroom isn’t just about personal preference—sexual health and being vocal in bed are connected in a lot of ways. Here are five reasons why you shouldn’t be so quiet in the bedroom.

It means you’re breathing.

In the heat of the moment, breathing should be more than the soundless inhale and exhale you normally do. If your breathing is audible in bed, that’s a great sign! Deep breathing can increase pleasure and keep the fun longer. Using your breath can regulate the speed of what’s happening: speeding it up can help get you in the mood, and slowing it down can extend your game.

It lets your partner know that you are enjoying.

If you’re silent in bed, your partner might start to wonder if you’re enjoying what’s happening, or you’re already asleep. Don’t be shy to “ooh” and “ahh”—or even scream! Whatever it is, it’s important that your partner hears you; holding back isn’t sexy. You don’t have to do anything magnificent, just let the sounds flow out spontaneously. You might even surprise yourself!

It keeps you in the moment.

Being too self-conscious and preoccupied about keeping quiet to avoid sounding “weird” can distract you from all the fun. Don’t worry about how noisy or loud you are, just let the sounds fall naturally. Live in the moment and enjoy the rhythm you have with your partner. No one else is listening except your partner—and it surely is music to his or her ears.

It shows intimacy.

Being able to tell your partner what you want in bed means that you feel comfortable and close enough to him or her. Don’t be shy to let him or her know if you want it here, or a little bit more there, and show your deepest desires. There’s nothing wrong with making suggestive sounds or giving a little direction. Everyone wants to be a star in bed, and some stage directions will make it easier to shine!

It means you’re comfortable with your sexuality.

It becomes easy for you to let it all out when you’re comfortable with what you’re doing and when you’re feeling good about yourself, which is how everyone should feel towards sex. If you’re uneasy with your body image, or you’re worried whether you’re doing it “right,” then most likely the bedroom is going to be filled with silence; but when the sounds of sweet nothings, shivers, and sighs are in the air, then clearly everything is going well.

Sex should be about spontaneity, joy, and pleasure; there shouldn’t be room for worry, insecurity, or overthinking. The sense of sound also plays a big role in sexual experiences, just like the other senses. Don’t deprive yourself and your partner of all the delight. If being noisy is new to you, then take things slow; start with breathing, move to the sounds, and add a little pillow talk. You don’t need to rush or follow rigid rules because it’s all about what you’re comfortable with.




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