It’s Time For Self-Care!


“Self-care” has been a buzzword in social media and vlogs — but are you practicing it, too? Although vloggers and online influencers mention self-care all the time, it doesn’t mean that they’re the only ones who deserve it. It’s time that you invest in yourself and start having your own self-care routine that goes beyond a skincare regimen.

Get enough sleep

We’re putting this on top of the list because we can’t emphasize enough how important this is.

The amount and quality of sleep you get can have a huge impact on your emotional and physical health. Not having enough can reflect on your skin and cause health problems in the long-run.

How can you make sleep an essential part of your self-care routine? Start with your nightly routine.

Stay away from sugary food and caffeinated drinks right before bed, since they can keep you up all night.

Keep your mind off work once you’re home. Leave work at the workplace, and welcome relaxation at home. Stress can prevent you from getting enough quality sleep. Reducing stress can help you be calm and unwind enough for sleeping.

Make sure your bedroom is an excellent environment for sleeping. Remove distractions such as TV, your laptop, your cellphone, etc.

Exercise regularly

You don’t need to do a high-intensity workout every day! 30 minutes of any aerobic exercise is enough to boost your mood and reduce stress and anxiety — plus, you can lose some weight, too!

Have a hobby

A hobby is a great way to deviate from work and stress. Whether it’s painting, baking, reading, or hiking, getting into a hobby gives your mind something new and fresh to focus on. Hobbies can relax you and give you a new attitude and energy for work.

Spend time with your friends and family

Connecting with your loved ones is a way to get motivated and inspired in your endeavors. Socializing is a chance for you to open up about what you’re up to and some challenges you’re facing. It’s also great to get support and advice from time to time.

Go outside

Spending time outdoors lets you break out of your usual setting and have a different environment. Studies show that going outside can help reduce fatigue, and overcome symptoms of burnout. Going out can also help you sleep better at night, especially if you have some physical activities while you’re out, such as walking or hiking.

Reflect on three good things every day

No matter how bad your day went, there’s always at least three good things that happened — it could be seeing an adorable dog, drinking a steamy cup of your favorite coffee, or being able to buy your favorite snack. Ending your day with gratitude helps put you in a positive mindset, and block out stressors. If there are more than three good things to reflect on, that would be great!

Learn to say ‘no’

Your well-being is more important than your to-do list or pleasing other people. If you don’t feel like going out or doing something, it’s totally okay to say ‘no’ to it. Prioritize yourself above anything else — only do things, go to places, and be with people that you’re comfortable with!

Self-care is so important especially in this day and age where everyone seems to be in a rush or busy with their careers. Taking care of your body, mind, and soul is important every day, and not just when you’re sick or feeling down. When you start indulging in self-care, the glow and sunshine within you start to radiate to the people around, too!

Taking care of yourself is also a time to get in touch with yourself more and be comfortable in your body. Appreciating yourself and your body is a step closer to being more confident! That confidence boost is your secret weapon to performing better at work, and even in the bedroom! (*wink wink*)

What are other ways you practice self-care?




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