How to Be More Confident in Bed

It always pays to have enough confidence in everything we do, whether it’s for professional endeavors or personal activities. In the bedroom, confidence is vital in several ways. It could potentially lead to the best sexytime of your life if you and your partner have enough of it. Here are several ways we can become more confident in bed and why it’s good to do so.

Be comfortable with your own body

Confidence is all about believing in yourself, so it’s very beneficial to accept your own body if you wish to boost your sexual confidence. You could take a good long look at the mirror and appreciate the way your body looks. While you’re at it, remind yourself that you are deserving of pleasure. Your body doesn’t need rock-hard abs and toned biceps to be considered sexy. You are very capable of being sexy just as you are. Being comfortable with your body can easily help you become comfortable with sharing it with your partner.

Establish good sexual communication

Speaking of your partner, being able to detect when they’re in the mood can allow you to build your confidence up for sex. Having good sexual communication can help with that. If you and your partner can come up with a way for you to comfortably let each other know that you’re itching to shake the sheets, then you’ll be able to get clear indications of when you should hype yourself up for some sexytime. Some couples use code words or gestures such as a wink, a stroke on the neck, or a seductive whisper. Others are comfortable enough with straightforward communication. Whatever you and your partner decide to use, it can signify that it’s time for you to feel sexy and make your partner feel the same. 

Find the right timing

Another thing that can come from having clear communication is that you’ll be able to know the things that could turn your partner on. This will allow you to put your partner in the mood. What you need next is to find the right timing. It’s good to know when your partner can easily get in the mood. If you notice that they’re often eager for sex after a long day in the office, you should remember that detail for the next time they come home tired from work. By picking the right timing to do sexy stuff, you could guarantee that your partner will have a good time, which could be helpful for strengthening your confidence in bed.


We’ve all heard the saying “practice makes perfect”. By repetitively engaging in sexual activities (either alone or with your partner), you’ll be able to take note of things that you enjoy as well as things that make your partner feel hot. You can use all that knowledge to develop your sexual confidence. Keep having safe sex with your partner and remember all the things that can make them bite their lip, grin, or moan. In time, you might know what parts of your partner’s body to touch and when you should touch them.

If you want to learn more about how to develop your confidence in bed, go watch Episode 4 of The Naked Truth Show where influencer/content creator Macoy Dubs (as Gina G) and sexologist Dr. Rica Cruz talk about the different ways we can become sexually confident.

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