Get Bigger Loads!

How to increase your semen volume

You might be the type of guy who considers ejaculating as the best part of sex. You might also be the type to unload on your partner’s stomach, chest, or face—and love it.

If so, then you might want to know how to increase your semen volume for a bigger load and a more satisfactory finish.

What does a bigger load mean?

According to the Turek Clinic, there is no clear association between a large semen volume and fertility, virility, and sexual prowess. Men who release more sperm than average guys aren’t necessarily more fertile. However, some studies have noted that a lower semen volume could indicate lower fertility.

The ability to produce more semen than the average amount simply means you follow a lifestyle that keeps your seminal vesicles (the organs that produce sperm) performing well.

How can we get bigger loads?

If you really want to increase your semen volume, here are the best ways to do that.

Stop smoking.

A 2019 study about the impact of smoking on semen quality says that while smoking can lead to increased sperm motility, it drastically lowers semen volume and sperm count.

It’s safe to say that men who want to become fathers should avoid smoking for healthier sperm and a bigger load. Of course, the same can be said for men who want to experience a more bountiful finish during sexy time.

Drink lots of water.

Semen is liquid, and the liquid needed to produce it comes from the fluids we consume. By drinking plenty of water, we can give our seminal vesicles a lot of liquid to use for sperm production.

Lessen your DIY sessions.

By lessening the times you masturbate, you’ll be allowing your body to recover properly and be more ready for the next time you ejaculate.

The next time you get in the mood to jerk off, you might want to think twice before you do. Perhaps you’d feel more satisfied if you let your body rest so you’re capable of unleashing a big load with bae the next time you get it on.

Eat foods that are high in zinc.

Zinc is a vital part of semen production. Seminal fluid actually contains zinc. It helps boost testosterone levels as well, which is another big factor in sperm production. 

Oysters, lean beef, lamb, legumes, and nuts all contain high amounts of zinc. Regular consumption of these foods should help supply your body with the necessary nutrients to produce semen.


Exercise can help regulate blood flow to the testicles, which guarantees a steady supply of nutrients to your organs.

Exercises that focus on lower body parts such as squats, lunges, and leg presses are the best ones to do for healthier sperm and bigger semen volume.

It’s important to note, however, that although showering your partner with your load can be a pleasurable experience, there are many other things you could do to have better sex or develop your confidence in bed.

But as we said earlier, improving your semen volume is also a sure way to improve your semen’s health, and that’s something that might give some guys more satisfaction than finishing on their partner.


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