How to handle a partner who refuses to use condoms during sex

Ladies, never ever sacrifice your safety for a brief moment of fun — yup, even if your partner is hot as hell!

Before getting intimate in the bedroom, one of the first things you and your partner should talk about is protection; and one of the most common methods are condoms. They’re great at preventing sexually transmitted infections (STIs), as well as unintended pregnancies. 

Why do they refuse?

There are some men, however, who refuse to use condoms for various reasons because of:

  1. Lack of education: Some men may not understand the importance of using protection during sexual activity and the risks associated with unprotected sex such as STIs (sexually transmitted infections) or unwanted pregnancies.
  2. Sensitivity issues: Some men find that wearing a condom reduces their sensitivity during sex, making it less enjoyable for them.
  3. Peer pressure: The societal expectation among some groups of young men is that condoms are often seen as uncool or unnecessary. Therefore, they might feel pressured not to use one to fit in socially.
  4. Trust Issues: In some cases, men may trust their partner enough to engage in unprotected sex. However, this could increase the risk of contracting an STI if their partner has not been tested.

What can you do?

It’s important to note that unprotected sex puts both individuals involved at risk of unwanted consequences. Condoms remain one of the simplest and most effective ways to protect against STDs in addition to unintended pregnancy.

  1. Have a conversation: Start by having an honest and open discussion with your partner. Express your concerns about unprotected sex and why using condoms is important to you. Listen to their perspective and try to find common ground.
  2. Educate your partner: If your partner is refusing to use condoms, they may not fully understand the risks associated with unprotected sex. Provide them with information on the risks of STIs, unplanned pregnancies, and other health concerns that can result from unprotected sex.
  3. Offer alternatives: If your partner is resisting condom use due to discomfort or other reasons, offer alternative contraceptive methods as pills, injectables, or IUD.
  4. Set boundaries: Ultimately, you have the right to prioritize your health and safety. If your partner refuses to use a condom, it’s important to know your boundaries and make an informed decision about whether or not to engage in sexual activity with them.
  5. Seek professional help: If you find it difficult or uncomfortable to have a conversation with your partner, consider seeking help from a sex therapist or counselor. They can offer guidance on how to navigate this situation and help you understand your options.


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