How to Spot a Quality Condom

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A man’s best friend during sexy times is always the condom. Condoms are an effective contraceptive method and the only method that can also protect against sexually transmitted infections (STIs) such as HIV.

Part of making sure that condoms work for you is making sure that you’re using ones with a good quality. 

Here are some of the things you should check before using the ol’ rubber.


Great gifts comes with great packaging. That’s why you should check if the condom’s wrapper is in great condition as it can pretty much assure you that it will be a quality rubber.

Check the look of the wrapper. See if it has any tear, discoloration, damage, or leaks. You can also press it and feel if it has air inside to see if it has any holes in its packaging.

If the packaging looks as fresh as a garden salad, then it’s good to go.

Expiration Date

Another thing to look at before using a condom is its expiration date. Condoms have their expiration dates indicated on their box as well as on their individual packets.

Believe it or not, condoms are perishable goods as they can lose their effectiveness as time goes by. It can get brittle, dry, and its lubrication can wear out if it’s stored for a long time.

The Three D’s

Inspecting a condom can be easy as one-two-three as you need to remember to check these three D’s that we’ll introduce to you.

Discoloration – Always check if the condom still has a normal color. If it looks faded or something is wrong from its usual color, don’t use it.

Damage – Checking this part is kind of difficult, but try to look for damages, tears, or weak spots on the condoms before wearing it.

Dryness – If the condom feels dry or sticky, don’t use it. Condoms will also get brittle if its dry, so inspect it properly.

*Pro-tip: Don’t use sharp objects such as scissors or teeth when opening the wrapper to avoid unintended damage to it.

Don’t be afraid of using condoms because of the myths and misconceptions about them that you might have heard. Practice the proper way of using them and get them to work for you effectively.

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