Reliable Playmates: A Basic Guide to Sex Toys

sex toys

People who say that toys are for kids don’t know that there are a lot of toys out there designed only for adults to enjoy! 😉 

Sex toys aren’t everybody’s cup of tea, but everybody has the right to enjoy what they find pleasurable and try new ways to find pleasure. 

Sex toys are just one way of exploring your sexuality. The beautiful thing is that you can use them with a partner to enhance your sexual experience, or you can play with them on your own to add excitement to masturbation.

If you’ve considered buying one, you should know that the world of sex toys is big and there are a lot of categories and different types to choose from. Here’s a brief overview of the different sex toys in the market, featuring the most basic and common.

Toys for vaginal fun

Dildos. These toys used for sexual stimulation look like a penis made out of silicone rubber. They come in various lengths, widths, and even colors. Many dildos have a suction cup on the bottom, so that you can anchor them to different surfaces. You can stick them on your shower tiles, a mirror, or on the floor. Get creative!

Vibrators. Phallic vibrators are like dildos in shape and designed for inertion, but more exciting! They have internal electric motors (plug-in or battery powered) to make them vibrate and offer more stimulation. Some are waterproof, and rechargeable or battery-operated.

Clitoral vibrators are smaller vibrators used for stimulating the clitoris and other external parts only. These don’t take the shape of a penis, so they’re not meant for insertion. Some are even designed to be wearable! 

Magic wands are large, powerful plug-in vibrators that were originally marketed as back massagers (that’s how they were presented at stores). However, magic wands have been popular with women for clitoral stimulation since Hitachi first introduced them in the late 1960s. These massagers truly are “relaxing”! 😉 

There are also vibrators that target both the G-spot and the clitoris at the same time. They’re often called rabbit vibrators because of how they look (they have two prongs:a small branch having “ears” and a longer phallic branch. The latter penetrates the vagina to stimulate the G-spot, while the shorter branch with ears is for stimulating the clitoris externally. Some have a third branch for the anus also.

Strap-ons. They can either be dildos or vibrators worn with a harness at the crotch area during sexual activity, equipping anyone with something like a penis. These are usually used with a partner.

Toys for the penis

Masturbation sleeves. These are flexible tubes made of soft, skin-like material (silicone rubber) to imitate a vagina. The penis is inserted in the masturbation sleeve for extra stimulation during masturbation, and it has to be manipulated with the hand. Some masturbation sleeves only have one hole and are closed-ended, while others have two open ends so the penis can go through it.

Some sleeves are held inside a hard plastic casing and marketed as “fleshlights” because they look something like a flashlight. These can look simply like tubes or have openings that are molded to look anatomically like a vagina or anus. Some sleeves are incorporated into something that looks like a whole woman’s pelvis, allowing penetration without the use of the hands, but this is the borderline to a whole different category of toy called sex dolls [insert hyperlink to different article here]. Though quite expensive, there are even masturbator devices that are designed for hands-free pleasure. These so-called “blow job machines” use an electric motor to move the sleeve in a pumping motion, up and down the shaft of the penis.

Extension sleeves. They’re like condoms, but much thicker. Extension sleeves are worn over the penis for added length and texture, with the goal of enhancing a partner’s pleasure. For some men, they’re helpful for maintaining an erection.

Cock rings. They’re worn around the base of the penis to control blood flow, making erections last longer. These can be used solo or with a partner.

Toys for anal pleasure

Anal plugs. These are cone-shaped toys that are inserted in the rectum. Anal plugs are shorter than dildos and have a wide base to keep them from disappearing into the rectum. They can be used for pleasure or as a preparation for anal intercourse with a partner.

Anal beads. They’re a chain of large beads connected by a string. Each bead is slowly inserted into the rectum. The anal beads are then pulled out during or close to orgasm for more stimulation and sensation.

Prostate massagers. Though many straight men are terrified at the idea of anything penetrating their buttholes, what they don’t know is that they’re missing out on the wonders of the P-spot, a great source of male pleasure! The P-spot, located just inside the anal cavity next to the prostate gland, a sensitive area similar to a woman’s G-spot. Prostate massagers have a curved shape to target the P-spot. Some vibrate, while others don’t.

Other pleasure toys and equipment

Erotic furniture. This includes any kind of furniture that helps enhance sexual activity, by propping the body into more exciting positions. Sex swings, angled foam wedges, and love chairs are just some examples of erotic furniture.

Lubricant. Though not a sex toy per se, lubricants make any sexual activity much better! Lubricants are great additions for sex and masturbation, especially with toys. They add more sensation and comfort. There are different kinds of lubricants. Some are made for specific activities, but the most versatile are water-based lubricants, such as EZ Lubricating Jelly. They can be used for almost any sex toy and sexual activity.

BDSM equipment. There are a lot of sex toys and equipment for those who are into BDSM. This includes cuffs, ball gags, binders, belts, corsets, blindfolds, whips, paddles, and ropes among others.

DIY sex toys?

You might not know it, but some of the things you have in your home could double as sex toys if you get creative enough.

If you’re still in the process of gathering enough guts to purchase a sex toy or unsure what to get for yourself, you might want to try experimenting first with whatever you have at home.

Showerheads or bidets are great makeshift vibrators. Position the head near the clitoris or any part you want and let pulsing water pressure stimulate you to orgasm!

Playing with temperature can stimulate nerve endings in intense ways also. Run an ice cube over your erogenous zones (such as the clitoris or head of the penis) and enjoy the refreshing experience!

Banana peels make a good substitute for masturbation sleeves. Make a small slit in the skin and tip, and scoop out as much banana as you can. Now you can slide the banana peel over the shaft of the penis, and go bananas with an all-natural masturbatory toy!

Some women have used the handle of their hairbrush as their first-ever dildo. If you want to try yours, just make sure you’ve washed it with soap and water before and after using it, and make sure there are no corners or pointed edges

How to play safe

The material of the sex toy is one of the most important things you need to look at to ensure that you play safe.

Avoid toys made of phthalates, PVC, and vinyl. Even if you’re experimenting and on a budget, your health and safety aren’t worth sacrificing.

Go for sex toys made of medical-grade silicone, medical grand stainless steel, borosilicate or soda-lime glass that is made correctly. It’s best to purchase from reputable sex shops, since they only carry toys that are safe and of the best quality. They can also help you choose which toy suits your preferences.

Here are tips to keep in mind when you’re about to use your sex toy:

  • Wash your toy before and after each use and dry it before storing.
  • Consider using a condom over your toy, especially if you plan on sharing it with your partner.
  • Know what kind of lubricant is safe to use with your toy. Oil-based lubricants are generally unsafe for most sex toys. Better stick with water-based lubricants such as EZ Lubricating Jelly.








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