Should you use contraceptives?

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Contraceptives, family planning methods, birth control. Whatever you prefer to call it, there’s one question that’s been bugging your mind. “Should you use them?”

Well, to answer that question, we must first learn what family planning methods can do to our bodies and their impact on society and the world.

What can contraceptives do?

Contraceptives have a lot of benefits that can affect not only an individual but can also have an impact on society and the world. Here’s what they can do:

Family Planning – In its most basic sense. It lets couples have the decision on when they’ll have their babies, how many will they have, and their age gaps. When a family is planned, you can be assured that every child will be loved and well taken care of.

Hormonal improvements – Mostly for women, hormonal contraceptive pills are one way to improve their health. It can help them cure and reduce risks of ovarian cysts, lessen the pain during menstrual cycles, and even prevent hormonal acne.

Reduce pregnancy-related risks – Women are at risk when they’re carrying a baby. Events such as miscarriage can be prevented if a woman gets enough rest in between pregnancies to let their bodies recover naturally.

Reduce teenage pregnancy – According to the Commission on Population, almost 200,000 Filipino teenagers get pregnant each year. Along with this is the high dropout rate of these teens, which hampers their future. The use of contraceptives can help reduce this.

Prevent the spread of STIs – Condoms are the most effective way to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases (STIs), and they are also an effective birth control method.

Slow population growth – Philippines has almost 109-million people and is growing more each year. With the use of contraception, we can slow this down significantly and make each child wanted and loved by their parents.

Should you use Contraceptives?

Well, if your mind is already set on creating a family with your partner, then don’t. But if you just want to spend some quality time with them, then please do.

Most contraceptives are already available in your nearest drugstores and convenience stores, with little to no restriction on buying them.

There are also contraceptives that can last for years. They don’t really cost that much so there’s not really much of a reason to not use them.

Also, if you’re someone who’s enjoying their life and filling it with sexual encounters, using contraceptives is a good way to decrease the chances of acquiring or spreading STIs.

And here at Do it Right!, we are happy to answer any question you might have about contraceptives. If you’re feeling shy, you can ask anonymously, too.

Remember, when it comes to Reproductive Health, always Do It Right!






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4 thoughts on “Should you use contraceptives?

  1. A friend of mine have her Implanon removed.She took Lady pills for 6months and have his mens monthly.On the 7th month,she tried Charlize.She consume 2 cycles of Charlize and yet she didn’t have her monthly period.She had pregnancy test twice and both result is negative. What is the possible reason why she don’t have mens with Charlize?Thank you.

    1. Hi Jill! It’s normal to experience changes in the menstrual cycle because of the pills, especially during the first few months because the body is adjusting. It’s also completely normal that she may not have her period as she continues to take pills. This will not cause any long-term problems to her health. Whether or not she has her period, she should continue taking the pills to ensure full protection.

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