Tail-Wagging Pleasure: Doggy Style Tips for Men

One of the most popular positions in the great, big Sexy Time Playbook is the doggy style. It’s enjoyed by both women and men, and can be a thrilling position if done right. And that’s what we’re here for! Whether you’re a curious newbie or a veteran looking to polish his skills, this guide to […]

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The Sexual Give-and-Take: A Man’s Guide to the 69

Shaking the sheets is a two-way street. It’s an intimate endeavor that involves some give-and-take, and there’s no sex position that expresses that better than the 69. Some would even consider it as the perfect sex position: a loop of receiving pleasure while pleasure is given to one’s partner. And that’s what we’ll talk about […]

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Are there Sex Positions That Can Reduce the Risks of Pregnancy?

couple, pregnancy, positions, sex

We can’t deny that there are certain times where we get so clingy, we want our partners to be as intimate with us as possible. Thus, leading to thoughts of having unprotected sex. However, the risks of unplanned pregnancy bother us, making us ask the question, “Are there any sex positions that can reduce the […]

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