Sex Don’ts: What Men Shouldn’t Do in Bed

Sex should be a safe space. It’s an intimate activity involving people who want to make each other feel good. And part of making your partner feel good is knowing what you shouldn’t do to them or with them. So here’s a list of things men should avoid in bed. Don’t set conditions Everything you […]

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Are there Sex Positions That Can Reduce the Risks of Pregnancy?

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We can’t deny that there are certain times where we get so clingy, we want our partners to be as intimate with us as possible. Thus, leading to thoughts of having unprotected sex. However, the risks of unplanned pregnancy bother us, making us ask the question, “Are there any sex positions that can reduce the […]

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Plus-Size Pleasure: The best sex positions for curvy girls

In a society where being slim is deemed as the “ideal” body type, lovely ladies in the larger side are often excluded in discussions on sex and sensuality. However, sex is a beautiful experience that anyone should be free to do it without inhibitions. Body image is one of the biggest reasons why women tend […]

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