The Uncircumcised: What happens if you don’t get that cut?

Being circumcised is one of the many Filipino traditions that are still practiced in this day and age. As teenagers, men usually go for having their foreskins cut as a rite of passage for becoming a “grown-up man”. Very few parents choose to have their newborn son circumcised. 

But what if you don’t get that cut? No problem! It won’t affect your growth and puberty, though there are things you need to know about the uncircumcised penis.


Some claim that having an uncircumcised penis makes it bigger. The truth is that foreskin can make it look bulkier, especially when it’s not erect, but the length of the penis will stay the same. This is because the foreskin retracts when the penis gets an erection so it can expose the glans or the head.


The appearance of your penis will significantly differ from those who have been circumcised. Your foreskin will act as a hood for the head of your penis and will protect it when you don’t have an erection.


There’s not enough scientific evidence that an uncut penis is more sexually sensitive compared to a cut one. Although an uncircumcised penis is actually more sensitive to touch, it doesn’t affect the pleasure it can experience.


Having an uncircumcised penis isn’t going to affect your fertility. The sperm is produced in the testicles, not on the penis itself. The healthiness of the sperm is usually affected by your diet and having a foreskin won’t have any effects on it.


An uncut penis will need a little bit more care compared to a cut one. This is because bacteria, dead skin cells, and more can accumulate inside the foreskin, which is called smegma.

Without proper care, smegma build-up can cause your penis to smell awful and can even lead to infections such as balanitis.

For adult men, retracting the foreskin and cleaning what’s under it should be done with warm water or with mild soap. For young men, retracting the foreskin may be difficult and should not be done forcefully.


An uncut penis will have natural lubrication since the foreskin traps in oils and other moisture from the penis. It’s not much of a difference from a cut one, but it can help lubricate while having sex, especially during anal sex, without needing too much extra lubrication.

Risks of infection

Having an uncircumcised penis can be more at risk of infections, especially if you don’t have proper hygiene. Some of the infections that an uncircumcised penis have are:

  • Yeast infection
  • Balanitis
  • Urinary tract infection (UTI)
  • Several sexual transmitted infections (STIs)

Practicing better hygiene and properly washing your penis can significantly decrease the risk of having any infections.


Having an uncut penis won’t stop you from becoming a man. Circumcision isn’t a requirement in developing into a fine man in the future. In terms of sexual pleasure, it doesn’t have any significant differences from having a cut one. The extra lubrication can help a lot, but it isn’t that much of a reason to regret having your foreskin cut. As long as you maintain proper hygiene, you can live a worry-free life from common infections.





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