Tips for the best car sex ever

Tips for the best car sex ever

Nothing beats the comfort and privacy that your bedroom offers. But a change of scenery and location can seriously make sex steamier. And, believe it or not, your car can take your sex life to the next level!

Car sex isn’t just for horny teens who have no place to satisfy their thirst. It’s also for adults with the horny teen spirit that make them seek for the right dose of excitement in their sex lives. — do you think this is you? Here are a few things and tips you should know for the best car sex ever.

Consider the legality

Before getting frisky behind the wheel, you have to consider the laws so as not to get yourself in a sticky situation.

In the Philippines, the Anti-Obscenity And Pornography Act Of 2008 states that “Performing, or allowing the performance of, live sex or live sexual act in public, public places or any place open to public viewing” is punishable by law.

This is why you need to choose the right area first before you do anything sexual in your car.

Choose the right area

You should park your car in an isolated and safe area where you’re:

  1. Less likely to violate public-sex laws;
  2. Not easily seen by passersby, and;
  3. Totally remote or isolated from other people, in case an emergency arises.

Some places are riskier than others, and others offer a different kind of thrill but may put you at risk for getting caught. So how do you choose the right spot? Here are a few examples according to risk level.

Low risk: your garage or driveway, parking lots at industrial parks, malls, or parks at night, and secluded or dead-end roads.

Medium risk: top level of multi-storey car parks and secluded areas at the beach.

High risk: the airport and drive-in cinemas

Don’t forget safety measures

For sure you wouldn’t need to buckle your seatbelt when you’re having sex in the car. But there are several safety measures you have to keep in mind.

Situational safety

No matter how hot it looks like in porn, TV shows, or movies, never ever do anything sexual while the car is moving. Blowjobs, cunnilingus, or fingering are no exceptions. Distracted driving can endanger you and other people on the road.

Park your car, turn it off, secure your brake, and make sure you’re away from traffic and other humans before your vehicle rendezvous.

The *other* kind of safety

Even if your car sex is unexpected, it’s no excuse to skimp on protection. This is why you should always come prepared!

Bring condoms wherever you go — yes, even you, ladies, in case your bae forgot to bring for themselves. Don’t forget lube as well, especially if you’re up for penetration of any kind.

Better stick with water-based lubricant such as EZ Lubricating Jelly because they’re great for almost all kinds of sexual activity, and they’re easy to wipe off. Plus, they won’t stain your car seat cover.

Wear clothes that are easy to put on and off

Wear clothes that are easy to lift, or easy to put on and off in a jiffy. Avoid tight jeans, rompers, and clothes with zippers or adornments that can catch on hair or skin — ouch!

Clothing pieces that are open on the bottom (like a skirt, dress, or oversized shirt) provides easy access while hiding your biz. Bodysuits with crotch snaps are also great, as well as stretchy shorts that can be pulled down or to the side.

Do it in the backseat

Doing your biz in the backseat is the best decision because you have more space compared to the front seats, and there’s less likelihood of hitting the horn.

Does your car have backseats that can fold down? Or do you have a huge trunk or tailgate? If you do, it’s time to take advantage of these features!

Experiment with positions

Since space is limited, your fave positions in the bedroom would probably be hard to do in the car. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have awesome sex! Here are some car-friendly positions you can try.

Cargirl. It’s just like Cowgirl but in the car — get it? The giving partner sits on the seat, while the receiving partner straddles them, facing each other.

Reverse Cargirl. Yup, it’s exactly like the Reverse Cowgirl! The giving partner sits on the seat, while the receiving partner straddles them facing away.

Doggy. This is best done in the backseat. The receiving partner gets on all fours. The giving partner kneels behind to enter, draping their upper body over their partner.

Seashell. In the backseat, the receiving partner lies on their back with their legs raised all the way up and their ankles as close to the shoulders/head as possible. The giving partner enters like in a missionary position.

Spider. Both partners sit on the backseat with legs bent and positioned toward each other, with arms back to support themselves. Both partners move closer to each other, until penetration is possible. The receiving partner’s hips should be between the giving partner’s spread legs.

If you’re parked in a really secluded place, you can get wild and do your biz on the hood or with the door open. But if you’re new to car sex and still quite anxious about getting caught, you can always stick with just masturbating with your partner or the good ol’ oral sex.


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