Four Things To Know About Lube

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Lubricant is often just an afterthought when people think of sex.

You may be keeping condoms handy or using another contraceptive method, but did you know that extra lube has the power to upgrade your sex life? You may be aware that bodies naturally produce their own lubricant, but you should also think about all the great benefits and reasons to use more lube. Here are four important things to know about lube to help get you started.

There are three main types: silicone, water-based, and oil based.

Water-based lubricant is more common, affordable, and safe to use with condoms. It’s gentle on the skin, easy to wash off, and leaves no stains on clothes or bed sheets. The only problem with water-based lube is that it dries more quickly than other types, but simply adding a few more drops of lube solves it.

Silicone lubricant can be used with latex condoms. It has a very silky feeling, and a less sticky composition, but generally more expensive and harder to find in the Philippines. Silicone lubricants usually last longer compared to water-based lube, but silicone is difficult to wash off from the body, clothes, and sheets.

Oil-based lubricant is great for making skin-to-skin contact more comfortable and sensual, but not safe to use with condoms because it makes condoms prone to breakage. Coconut oil and olive oil can also be used as oil-based lubricants, but keep in mind that they can stain sheets and be difficult to wash off.

Lubricant makes sex safer.

When women are aroused, the vaginal walls start to swell and produce a clear and odorless natural lubricant that reduces friction and irritation during sex; however, the amount of natural lubrication being produced depends on various factors which may include how dehydrated she is, any medication she’s taking, her stress level, how long or fast she gets aroused, or if simply just how her body works. Not enough lubrication during sex can cause vaginal tears, which make women uncomfortable and more susceptible to STIs. While there are women who produce more than enough natural lubricant to make sex comfortable and pleasurable for the entire time, additional lubrication will benefit a lot of other couples, especially for longer sessions.

While condoms come lubricated, it’s recommended to add a few more extra drops of water-based lube to the inside and outside of the condom. The existing lubricant on the condom gets rubbed off during sex, and can cause more friction, and possibly breakage of the condom.

Lube is for everyone!

There’s a common notion that lubricant is for older couples or for women who need medicine for their vaginal dryness, but this confines the advantages lube can offer to many other people. No matter who you are, and how you use the lube, there’s nothing wrong or to be ashamed of.

Sex feels so much better with extra lube, and it can be used by anyone regardless of age and sexuality. Lube can be used for vaginal or anal sex, mutual masturbation, and even for foreplay to help arouse and relax the body.

There is such a thing as too much lube.

If lubricant is so great, then the more the better, right? Nope! Just as not enough lubricant leads to too much friction and irritation, excessive lubricant leads to less intensity and pleasure. A few extra drops can get the job done, but if you added too much, wiping a little bit off with a towel fixes it.




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