What Happens When A Woman Orgasms

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When sexual arousal triggered in the brain increases blood flow to the genital area, a number of things happen to a woman’s body. The vagina produces more fluid to make it more lubricated, a sign that the body is getting ready for sex. The increased blood flow to the genital area makes the clitoris harden and swell slightly, which lets it be more visible and sensitive to touch. As sexual arousal heightens and continues, the outer third of the vagina tightens, and the opening becomes slightly smaller. As a woman is nearing orgasm, the clitoris becomes more sensitive and begins to retract, becoming less visible.

Orgasms are also felt by women, and not just by men; although women’s orgasms are not as straightforward as that of the men’s, and may or may not release fluid when they orgasm, unlike men. When a woman orgasms, she experiences a series of 3 to 15 muscle contractions around the vagina, which makes her feel intense pleasure. Sex usually involves the vagina, but only 25% of women consistently reach orgasms through just vaginal stimulation. Majority of women will reach orgasm with some form of stimulation of the clitoris or the clitoral area. Take note that the clitoris contains a concentration of 8,000 nerve endings—more than any other part in a man or woman’s body. Stimulating the clitoris will cause some intense euphoria!




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