What is Mutual Masturbation?

You know masturbation as a sexual act that is done alone. But did you know that you can masturbate together with your partner and it can even improve your relationship? It’s called mutual masturbation.

Mutual masturbation is, as its name suggests, when both you and your partner masturbate each other or masturbate together. It might sound like something that defeats the purpose of masturbation as an “alone-time” thing, and suggesting it to your partner could be awkward, but it can actually be beneficial to your relationship.

Reasons to do Mutual Masturbation

It’s pleasurable – Pleasure is one of the sure things you can consider when doing mutual masturbation. Both you and your partner can enjoy it and you can control the pleasure you and your partner can get, without any performance anxiety.

Know what you and your partner’s preferences are – As you watch or pleasure your partner with your hands, you can see how they react and learn where their sweet spots are. Your partner can also see what you enjoy and help you do it in your future intimate moments.

It can be your ticket to introducing sex toys – Like mutual masturbation, using sex toys in the bedroom can be overwhelming. If you’re able to show your partner how to use these toys and let them see how much pleasure you can get from them, it may persuade them to use them in the future as well.

It’s both foreplay and main event – Depending on your situation, you can consider mutual masturbation either as foreplay or the main event. You or your partner can use this as foreplay to get more aroused and it can lead to a more comfortable penetration. Also, this is great if you just want a quick orgasm.

How to Introduce Mutual Masturbation to a Relationship

Talk it out – You should always have a conversation with your partner when trying out things for the first time. Tell them your thoughts about doing mutual masturbation and how you’re “curious” in trying this out. You can also tell them what you want to do to increase the pleasure you both will be getting.

Take it slow – After setting a comfortable ambiance for your partner, starting from being fully clothed to stripping down to your underwear until you’re comfortably naked with each other. Go make your slow but sure moves until you and your partner warm yourselves up to it.

Use sex toys and lube and show them – Toys can be a good way to introduce mutual masturbation to your partner. Ask them if they want you to show how you can enjoy these toys and ask if they’d like to join in. Keep it up until you both get comfortable enough to actually enjoy mutual masturbation.

Watch porn – Porn can put you and your partner in the mood to do mutual masturbation. It can make mutual masturbation less awkward and the extra visual can also help ease the tension. Talk with your partner about watching porn together ahead of time so it won’t surprise them or drive them away. Choosing a porn movie to watch together can also help.

If you change your mind, it’s fine – Even if you’re already in the middle of mutual masturbation, changing your mind is fine. Treat it like an experiment where you’re exploring pleasure in your relationship. Don’t worry about it and try to make it an inside joke that can make your bond as a couple stronger.

Mutual masturbation is just one of the things a couple can do to spice things up in their relationship. If this doesn’t work for you, don’t worry as there’s other things you can try. Just remember that exploring pleasure should always be done safely and with consent from both sides. 







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