Here’s What You Should Know About Hormonal Birth Control And Cancer

Here's What You Should Know About Hormonal Contraceptives and Cancer (Contraceptive Finder)

Just like any other medication, hormonal oral contraceptives carry some risks as well.  The first pills came out over 50 years ago. As experts continue to modify dosage and components, modern hormonal contraceptives use a lower dose of hormones. This also means lower side effects for women. However, the connection between hormones and cancer is […]

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Who Can Use Oral Contraceptive Pills?

oral contraceptive pills

The pill is the leading contraceptive choice among women in the Philippines, perhaps because of how accessible and easy it is to use. Are you interested in taking pills? Before deciding which one you’ll take, it’s also to know a bit more information about the different types. Types of pills There are primarily two types […]

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Beyond Pregnancy Prevention: Other Benefits of Pills

non-contraceptive benefits of pills

Oral contraceptive pills or “pills” contain the hormones estrogen and progestin that mimic the hormones women naturally produce. These hormones do a couple of things to ensure that pregnancy is not going to happen: they stop the ovaries from producing eggs for ovulation so that there’s no egg for the sperm to fertilize; they make […]

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Missed Your Pill? Here’s What To Do

A lot of women use the pill for contraception. No surprise here because it is a reliable contraceptive method! They’re also very easy to use. Just pop a pill every day at the same time, and you’re all good! It’s over 99% effective in protecting you against pregnancy if you take them correctly and consistently. […]

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Things That Could Make Your Pills Fail

things that could make your pill fail

Oral contraceptive pills are the leading modern contraceptive method in the Philippines. In fact, 51% of Filipino women who use contraceptives take pills. Pills are over 96 to 99 percent effective (depending on what kind you take) when taken “perfectly”, but becomes 91 percent effective with “typical” use. But wait, do you know what “typical […]

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How to Change the Time You Take Your Pills

You can take your contraceptive pills at any convenient time you want. What matters is that you consistently take it at around the same time every day. If you’re wondering whether it’s possible and safe to change the timing, you absolutely can do so. But, it’s important to do it properly so you’re still fully […]

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Medications that interfere with oral contraceptive pills

When doctors ask “what other medicines do you take,” or “do you currently have maintenance medications,” they’re discerning whether any medication might affect your contraceptive pills or vice versa. There are some medicines that will not work well if taken with another medication. The same thing applies to hormonal contraceptives, especially pills. That’s why it’s […]

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