What Every Guy Should Know About Vasectomy

Vasectomy, Men, Family Planning, Reproductive Health

Family planning is a shared responsibility; it shouldn’t just be the woman’s responsibility. As the man of the house, you have these options for taking an active role in planning your own family: condoms or vasectomy. Let’s talk about vasectomy. What is a vasectomy? A vasectomy or “the snip” is a simple surgery that usually […]

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Things That Could Make Your Pills Fail

things that could make your pill fail

Oral contraceptive pills are the leading modern contraceptive method in the Philippines. In fact, 51% of Filipino women who use contraceptives take pills. Pills are over 96 to 99 percent effective (depending on what kind you take) when taken “perfectly”, but becomes 91 percent effective with “typical” use. But wait, do you know what “typical […]

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Here’s What You Should Know About Hormonal Birth Control And Cancer

Here's What You Should Know About Hormonal Contraceptives and Cancer (Contraceptive Finder)

Just like any other medication, hormonal oral contraceptives carry some risks as well.  The first pills came out over 50 years ago, but modern hormonal contraceptives use a lower dose of hormones, which also means lower side effects for women; however, the connection between hormones and cancer is continually being researched and explored. Latest research […]

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It Seems Like Contraception Has So Many Side Effects. Is It Worth It?

contraceptive, family planning, reproductive health, side effects

For every medicine available, there are always side effects that come along with them; but what sticks in people’s minds are always the negative things. That’s human nature, and everyone experiences it. Remember that drug companies list down all possible negative effects that you may experience with a medication, even if it’s very rare. Consider […]

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Can Contraceptives Ever Harm Your Chances Of Becoming Pregnant?

fertility, contraceptive, family planning, reproductive health

Women below the age of 30 are incredibly fertile because this is the peak of their ability to get pregnant. A lot of women still ask whether using contraceptives will negatively affect their chances of getting pregnant in the future—fortunately, they don’t affect fertility at all. Reversible contraceptive methods will protect you against pregnancy while […]

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Is It Bad When Contraception Causes My Periods To Stop Or Become Irregular?

period, contraceptive, family planning, reproductive health

No, irregular periods or completely having no periods does not cause any harm to your health or put you at risk for anything. Furthermore, having lighter, irregular, or no periods at all while using a contraceptive method does not affect your fertility if you decide to stop using contraceptives later on. Lighter or no periods […]

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Does Being Overweight Affect The Effectiveness Of Contraceptives?

obese, overweight, contraceptive, oral contraceptive pills, IUD, injectables, condoms, family planning, reproductive health

In regards to contraception and body weight, not all methods are created equal. Being overweight or obese and how it can affect people’s health in various ways has always been discussed—but what about when it comes to contraception? Fortunately, body fat doesn’t matter for most methods, including the IUD, injectables, implants, and condoms; these methods […]

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