Are Condoms Effective?

Condoms are one of the most common and accessible contraceptive methods in the Philippines. However, its legitimacy and effectiveness have always been questioned.  The fact of the matter is, condoms are cheap and an effective way to prevent two things; unwanted pregnancies and acquiring or spreading sexually transmitted diseases.  Here are the numbers that will […]

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How to Spot a Quality Condom

Condoms, Male, Man, Contraceptives

A man’s best friend during sexy times is always the condom. Condoms are an effective contraceptive method and the only method that can also protect against sexually transmitted infections (STIs) such as HIV. Part of making sure that condoms work for you is making sure that you’re using ones with a good quality.  Here are […]

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Fertility Awareness Method

fertility awareness method, cervical mucus method, basal body temperature method, standard days method, family planning, reproductive health

At A Glance: Fertility awareness tracking. Cooperation between the couple is important. Fertility awareness tracking does not involve hormones and so much money. With perfect use: 95-99% effective; with typical use: 76-88% effective, depending on which method. No protection against STIs. No side effects. What Is It Fertility awareness-based methods are commonly known as natural […]

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Female Sterilization

sterilization, family planning, reproductive health, contraceptive

At A Glance: Also known as tubal ligation. Prevents pregnancy permanently. Surgery is usually fast, and recovery is easy. Does not cause hormonal changes. 99% effective. One of the leading contraceptive methods among women in the Philippines. What Is It In simpler terms, sterilization is a medical procedure that terminates the body’s ability to reproduce. […]

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Want To Skip Your Period? Here’s How You Can Do It Safely

skipping periods

Raise your hand if you’ve ever wished to skip your period! We think most of us ladies have wanted to do this at least once in our lives. Luckily, there is actually a safe and easy way to do it. Yup, our wishes have been heard, ladies! Is it really safe? You might be wondering […]

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What Every Guy Should Know About Vasectomy

Vasectomy, Men, Family Planning, Reproductive Health

Family planning is a shared responsibility; it shouldn’t just be the woman’s responsibility. As the man of the house, you have these options for taking an active role in planning your own family: condoms or vasectomy. Let’s talk about vasectomy. What is a vasectomy? A vasectomy or “the snip” is a simple surgery that usually […]

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Things That Could Make Your Pills Fail

things that could make your pill fail

Oral contraceptive pills are the leading modern contraceptive method in the Philippines. In fact, 51% of Filipino women who use contraceptives take pills. Pills are over 96 to 99 percent effective (depending on what kind you take) when taken “perfectly”, but becomes 91 percent effective with “typical” use. But wait, do you know what “typical […]

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