Three Most Effective Contraceptive Methods

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Do you enjoy having intimate moments but worry about unplanned pregnancy, and then you start thinking about suitable contraceptive methods? There are three types of contraceptives, and you can protect yourself from an unplanned pregnancy if you use them correctly every time. Learn more about them here! Disposable Contraceptive Method Condoms. Trust Condoms and Premiere […]

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What Is Contraception And How Does It Work?

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Contraception are methods that help protect you from unplanned pregnancy. There are two main types of contraceptives: hormonal method, and barrier method; for each method, there are different options to choose from. There are some methods that prevent ovulation (a woman’s ovary releasing an egg cell), and some that prevent a man’s sperm cell from […]

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What Are The Most Cost-Effective Types Of Contraception?

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Most contraceptive methods in the Philippines are very affordable. A pack of condoms ranges from Php27 to Php215 (SRP), while a pack of pills costs around Php50.20 to Php489.15 (SRP) depending on which kind you buy. Both methods are widely available and can be bought at leading drugstores, while condoms are also available at most […]

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What Are The Best Contraceptive Methods To Use If I Do Not Want To Get My Period?

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Getting your period can be dreadful, but luckily there is a contraceptive method that can help prevent menstruation! Generally, the injectables completely stop you from getting your period, while the implant makes your period lighter. Keep in mind that stopping your menstruation poses no health risks and long-term effects on your fertility. Source: Please […]

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Is It Safe To Be On Contraception While Breastfeeding?

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If you’re breastfeeding, consider using an IUD or injectable for contraception. These methods are low-maintenance, effective, and safe for breastfeeding mothers. There are also specially formulated pills available that breastfeeding mothers can take. Before starting on any contraceptive method, please consult your healthcare provider first. Breastfeeding mothers should avoid taking pills that contain estrogen because […]

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It Seems Like Contraception Has So Many Side Effects. Is It Worth It?

contraceptive, family planning, reproductive health, side effects

For every medicine available, there are always side effects that come along with them; but what sticks in people’s minds are always the negative things. That’s human nature, and everyone experiences it. Remember that drug companies list down all possible negative effects that you may experience with a medication, even if it’s very rare. Consider […]

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