Cleaning Up After Sex

cleaning up after sex

Getting down and dirty is a sexy yet messy process. There’s a lot of bodily fluids involved during outer- or intercourse. The chances of getting them on yourself, your partner, and the sheets are high. 

How do you clean the bits and the junk?

The vagina is a strong and independent woman who can clean up after herself. Yes, the vagina is capable of cleaning itself after sex, even with sperm cells inside.

No need to use soaps, douches, or any product that claims to cleanse the vagina. Using them may do more harm than good! These soaps, sprays, and other products may disrupt the vagina’s natural microbiome and pH level, thus keeping it from doing its natural process of cleansing itself. Rinsing the vulva with clean, warm water is enough. You can use feminine washes formulated to be gentle enough for your lady bits if you don’t feel comfortable with just using water.

As for the penis, keeping it clean is also important for your health, especially if the foreskin is intact. Rinsing it with warm water is enough to keep it clean and to keep semen buildup or infection risk at bay.

Do you need to shower or clean up immediately?

You don’t really have to hop out of bed and head to the bathroom to clean up — that would be a total mood killer! Savour the moment and get intimate with cuddles and pillow talk with your partner before washing up. If you fail to do it before falling asleep, you can wash up first thing in the morning.

How about after anal sex?

Anal sex can cause microtears in the anus. If bacteria (including fecal matter) enter those tears, it could lead to an infection. To prevent infections, it’s best to take a shower or wash the butt and genital area as soon as you can.

For those with penises that have foreskin, be sure that the entire head of the penis gets cleaned by pulling the skin back. Semen tends to dry up under the skin, and bacteria could get in there, too.

To clean the clitoris, gently spread the labias and pull the clitorial hood towards the belly button to make it easier to clean. Wash the genitals with warm water and gentle feminine wash; remember to avoid getting soap inside the vaginal opening!

Do you really need to pee right after sex?

Bacteria could get into the urethra during sex and raise the chances for urinary tract infection (UTI). You can flush out these bacteria by peeing after sex, but you don’t necessarily have to run to the bathroom the minute you’re done in bed. Take a few minutes to enjoy the moment and cuddle up with your partner, then you can do your bathroom business.

What’s the best way to clean sex toys?

If you and your partner like to spice up playtime with fun toys, you want to make sure they get cleaned after sex. Doing so will wipe off any bacteria in preparation for the next round, and keep your toy in tip-top shape.

Different toys have different cleaning instructions depending on their material and whether they’re powered with motors or batteries. Sex toys often come with cleaning instructions in their packaging. But if you’re unsure or it didn’t come with instructions, here’s a general guide for you:

  • Silicone toys without motors and toys that are labeled 100 percent waterproof can be submerged and washed in warm water, using liquid antibacterial soap.
  • Splash proof toys can also be washed with warm water and soap, but should not be submerged in water.
  • Toys that you’re unsure of or didn’t come with cleaning instructions can be cleaned by washing the part of the toy that came in contact with skin or bodily fluids using a liquid antibacterial soap and a washcloth soaked in hot water.

Be gentle when washing your sex toys. Cuts and scratches can ruin its quality and make it a breeding ground for bacteria. That is not good for your genitals!

What are other things to keep handy?

Towels. It’s great to look back at your sexiest and wildest moments together. But a stain on the sheet isn’t the best way to be reminded of those times! Lay a towel on the bed, or any surface where you’re about to get down and dirty. This is to keep sweat and other bodily fluids from staining the sheets. Great for keeping stains out, but could mean more laundry for you!

Unscented moist towelettes. A convenient way to wipe the body in between rounds and after sex, but not the most environment-friendly product because they’re non-biodegradable. However, there are some brands that have produced moist towelettes made of bamboo, which make them biodegradable. Watch out for them on your next grocery run.




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