Fantasies & Fetishes: What Turns People On

The words “fantasy” and “fetish” are often associated with sex, especially with the arousal part. Many people find it hard or embarrassing to talk about their fantasies and fetishes because they’re afraid their thoughts may seem ‘weird’. The truth, however, is that there is totally nothing wrong with getting turned on, whether it’s from imagined scenarios or specific body parts. Sex is a natural part of life, and it pays to understand the things that can turn people on.

Sexual fantasies are mental images or sexual stories that we may come up with in our minds. If you’ve ever imagined you were doing it with a famous movie star or model; or if you’ve ever thought about having sex in a public place, then you’ve indulged in some sexual fantasies. Fantasies can involve anything anyone can imagine, regardless of whether it’s physically doable or not. Fantasies don’t even really have to be carried out or acted on. It’s possible and okay to just imagine certain sexual scenarios without ever doing them. If you feel like playing out one of your fantasies, you should have a healthy discussion with your partner.

Fetishes, on the other hand, are specific things or body parts that can cause sexual stimulation. In other words, it’s sort of a sexual fascination over something. Foot fetishism is among the most common fetishes if not the most common one indeed. This means some people easily get turned on when they see someone’s feet. Such people may also want to interact with their partner’s feet during sex. If you’re deeply fascinated with one of your partner’s body parts such as their chest, butt, or legs, then you might have a fetish. As with fantasies, having fetishes is normal, and there’s nothing wrong with it, especially if you can properly talk to your partner about them. Both of these things are totally healthy, especially if you execute or practice them responsibly and safely.

If you’d like to have a deeper understanding of fantasies, fetishes, and sexual arousal, go watch the second episode of The Naked Truth Show. It’s a talk show that features Macoy Dubs as Gina G and sexologist Dr. Rica Cruz. In the episode, they exchange thoughts on sexual fantasies and fetishes and the proper ways to handle them, which are again, normal and part of our sexual functioning as human beings.



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