PS: What Men Shouldn’t Do After Sex

We’ve talked about the importance of sexual aftercare and why it’s good for partners to continue practicing intimacy even when sexy time has finished.

In order to do that right, however, it’s important to know things that one should avoid after an intimate time with one’s partner.

So here are things that men shouldn’t do after shaking the sheets.

Don’t make negative comments about your partner’s body

Sex is an activity where you and your partner enjoy and appreciate each other’s bodies and sexuality. The last thing you should do is point out something you think is a flaw.

Your partner has no power to immediately change anything about their figure, so if you don’t have anything nice to say, keep it to yourself. Remember: “Our body, our choice”.

Don’t talk about an ex

This is a general relationship rule for those of us in committed relationships. It’s rude to talk about an ex or the sex you used to have with an ex, especially when it’s right after you get it on with your current partner.

It will make your partner feel like they’re being compared, and no one likes being compared to an ex.

If you’d like to talk to your partner about something you want to try in the bedroom, you could always have a serious conversation about fantasies and fetishes. But by all means, don’t do it by bringing up an ex.

Don’t be in a rush to dress up and leave (unless it’s a quickie)

For many people, sex is supposed to be an intimate activity. Every moment should be savored, even the little things that can lead to sex and the moments afterward.

If you’re in a relationship, you shouldn’t immediately pick up your clothes and then head out. That’s an easy way to make your partner feel like they’ve just been used for pleasure, which is a horrible way to treat someone, especially a romantic partner.

For more information about what men should do after sex, you can check out our article on sexual aftercare and why it matters.

The connection you share with someone during sex doesn’t just end with climax. What we do after that is an extension of our overall sexual experience, so we need to know how to treat our partners right, even after sex.



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