Finger Play 101

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Exploring new ways to pleasure your partner and deepen intimacy is an essential aspect of any fulfilling sexual relationship. One such technique that can provide intense pleasure and build a deeper connection is fingering, also sometimes referred to as “finger play”. 

Fingering is the manual stimulation of a woman’s genitals using one’s fingers. It’s a versatile and intimate act that can unlock a world of pleasure. 

In this article, we’ll be penetrating and thrusting into the intricate art of fingering (pun intended). Whether you’re new to fingering or looking for tips on how to improve your game, we’re here to help you #DoItRight.

What is fingering?

As we’ve already defined, fingering refers to the sexual (and consensual) act of pleasing a woman by stimulating her vagina using one’s fingers. It can involve penetration or the stimulation of the clitoris.

How can we #DoItRight?

First of all, one has to keep in mind that fingering isn’t simply about moving your fingers in and out of a woman. Doing it quicker doesn’t equate to more pleasure for the woman, too. So if that’s what you’ve been doing, take a step back and do some learning.

Finger play is really about stimulation. Your focus should be on doing what your girl likes, not being fast.

Here are more tips to help you improve your fingering game.

Learn about the female sexual anatomy.

Before getting into finger play, you should first get to know the female sexual anatomy and understand that it’s divided into two parts: the internal and external.

You should also remember that there are parts in both the internal and external that are pleasurable to touch, such as the vulva, labia, clitoris, and G-spot (which is about one to two inches inside the vagina.)

Trim your fingernails and clean your hands.

The next most important thing is to make sure your fingers are good for vaginal stimulation. You want the experience to be great and safe for your woman, so you have to ensure your hands and fingernails are clean and won’t hurt her before touching her vagina. 

Communicate with her.

Before you slide your fingers into third base, you have to first make sure that she’s okay with it. Consent is vital in any sexual encounter, so don’t forget it! 

Once you start the finger play, be sure to communicate with your woman. Ask her if what you’re doing feels good. Listen to verbal and non-verbal cues, and be responsive to their feedback and signals. Respect their boundaries and always ask for explicit consent before exploring new areas or intensifying the stimulation. By establishing a foundation of trust and communication, you can ensure that you’ll both enjoy it.

Don’t be afraid to explore!

When it comes to fingering, don’t be afraid to try new things to see what feels good for both you and your partner. Experimentation can lead to exciting sensations and heightened pleasure. Incorporating elements like lube or sex toys can enhance the experience and make your partner’s vagina feel even better. 

Remember, every person’s preferences and comfort levels may vary, so open dialogue and attentive listening are key. 

And that’s it! We hope you’ve enjoyed reading this article, and that you find our fingering advice handy (pun intended). So go forth, embrace the art of fingering, and embark on a journey of pleasure and connection with your partner. Happy exploring!


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