Foreplay: Pre-game for Sexy Time

There are several misconceptions about foreplay. Among the most common is that it’s “just  playing pretend.” But it’s actually more than that because foreplay can vary from person to person. 

Foreplay also has physical and psychological effects on a person, and it’s not just about turning someone on sexually.

What foreplay is not

There are some who see foreplay as “the kissing and touching that happens before sex.” This is not an accurate definition since there are many ways to do foreplay, like giving massages to sexy talk.

Foreplay is also different from roleplaying, which is when you act out a scenario or situation that may lead to something sexual. ”

What foreplay is

Foreplay refers to any activity that can get you and your partner turned on. It doesn’t necessarily have to involve kissing and touching. As long as it can put you and your partner in the mood for sex, it can be considered foreplay.

And even though foreplay is often conducted before sex, it can also be seen as an extension of the act itself.

Why do it?

It’s not necessarily required for sex, but it’s one way you can guarantee that you’ll have good sex. Foreplay can give you the time and space to ensure you and your partner are turned on. 

And the more turned on people are, the hotter things can get.

The takeaway

To know what works best for you, have an open-minded conversation with your partner, try different activities or situations and see what turns both of you on. The beauty of foreplay is that there are so many ways to do it.

You can think of foreplay as the “pre-game” before the main event. And if you put some thought into it, you can guarantee that it’ll lead to great sex.




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