Guys, Start it Right!

How men can give better foreplay

We’ve talked about how foreplay is “pre-game” for sexy time. It should go without saying that good foreplay can lead to great sex! (And great sex is something we all want.)

Here are some tips for men to give better foreplay.

Know what turns your partner on

If you want to get your partner excited to get under the sheets with you, you have to understand what they’ll like, and what can make them quiver. It pays to know what makes your partner tick.

If you know their knees can get weak from a hot kiss, then start with that! If they like to be touched, then that should be your entry point.


It’s also good to try different things and discover other situations, items, or actions that could get your playmate in the mood.

If you’re with a girl, then you might want to find out how to best caress her chest or touch her down there.

And if you’re with a guy, take note of what moves or actions are capable of making him rock-solid.

Take your time undressing

There’s no need to rush! Why not make foreplay a slow burn? Take your time, even when undressing, because that can get your partner eager and excited for what’s about to happen.

You could make the whole scene sexier if you put on a slow R&B jam in the background or keep the room dim. 

Pay attention

Always be in the moment with your partner. If you’re giving them a massage, give the best one you’ve ever given. If you’re locked in some sensual kissing, do it like it’s your first time.

You already know where things are headed, and you know you’re gonna love how things end. Now you just have to enjoy how you get there.

Know when to assert dominance or submit

You definitely need to know and understand your partner on a deeper level to pull this off smoothly. 

If they’re happy to let you lead, own it and take control. On the other hand, if your partner likes to take the reins, let them take over!

Foreplay isn’t confined to the bedroom

Foreplay doesn’t necessarily have to be a sexual activity. You can do it whenever and wherever you want. You could even start while you’re in the office! 

Send your partner a raunchy text and tell them what you’d like to do to them the next time you’re in each other’s arms. Set the mood in the bedroom before they come home. Or wear something you know will make them go crazy for you.

Getting in the mood for sex shouldn’t just be about getting hard or getting touched somewhere. There should be some effort or even creativity involved. And that’s something foreplay can help with. So guys, remember to start it right!




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