Can pre-cum get you pregnant?

Ejaculation isn’t the only instance wherein semen is released. 

There’s such a thing called pre-cum, and a lot of people may be wondering: “Can pre-cum get you pregnant?”

What is pre-cum?

Pre-cum is a fluid that is naturally released by anyone with a penis. It leaks before ejaculation and cannot be controlled.

It is possible for sperm cells to mix into pre-cum, as is the case with the seminal fluid released during ejaculation itself.

So can it get someone pregnant?

YES. Since pre-cum can contain sperm, it has the capacity to impregnate someone. In fact, research shows that about 20% of couples who use only the withdrawal method as contraception get pregnant. This means that 1 out of every 5 couples who depend solely on pulling out still get pregnant, and it’s sometimes because of pre-cum!

What can we do about it?

An obvious solution to this dilemma is to use condoms. Since condoms are a type of barrier contraceptive, their primary function is to stop sperm from entering a woman’s body.

Another method that can have an impact on pre-cum is getting a vasectomy. It’s a quick medical procedure that takes away a man’s ability to impregnate a woman while still retaining all other sexual functions. In fact, many guys have talked about its effectiveness. (Check out these post-vasectomy stories)

So, since it’s possible for pre-cum to get you pregnant, remember to practice safe sex, especially if you’re not ready yet for the responsibilities of parenthood. You and your partner might want to consider using these modern methods of contraception

There are several contraceptive practices and tools at our disposal nowadays. We just need to remember to #DoItRight, folks!






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