Multiple Orgasms in Men? Yes, It’s Possible!

If you think penile orgasm and ejaculation are one and the same, it’s high time you learn that that’s not the case. Orgasm is the sensation that happens between two to seven seconds before ejaculation. Ejaculation is the release of semen and the setting of the body into rest or recovery mode aka refractory period.

And if you think that it’s not possible to orgasm without ejaculating, then you’re wrong again. You can actually climax more than once in a row without popping your load. This is called non-ejaculatory multiple orgasms or NEMO.

What is non-ejaculatory multiple orgasm?

Non-ejaculatory multiple orgasm is, as its name suggests, having multiple orgasms without any ejaculation or semen shooting out of the penis.

Men can experience orgasm a few seconds before ejaculation. This moment is where the body feels a full-body sensitivity, quickening of breath, and sensations through the scrotum and penis. It usually ends with an ejaculation followed by a refractory period.

Unlike an ejaculatory orgasm, there’s no refractory period or the time where the body goes into a recovery period and becomes less responsive to sexual stimulations. 

However, the intensity of the orgasm through a NEMO will feel a lot different from your usual orgasm, so don’t set your expectations too high.

How do you achieve NEMO?

Work on your Pelvic floor muscles

In order to achieve multiple orgasms, you should do some exercises that hit your pelvic floor muscles, specifically, the muscles that stretch from the pubic bone to your tailbone.

Kegel exercises can be performed by contracting your pelvic floor muscles like you’re controlling the flow of your pee for a few seconds. This can be done anywhere, may it be sitting in your car or in the office, or while watching some basketball game.

Practice by suppressing your ejaculation

Suppressing your ejaculation doesn’t mean you’re suppressing your orgasm. It’s important to know their difference as you try to achieve multiple orgasms.

The technique that you’ll have to practice is called edging. It’s where you stop stimulating your penis right before the point of no return. It can be practiced by masturbating and reaching this point for about five to six times.

Watch your breathing

Controlling how you breathe during an intercourse or masturbation is a huge factor to consider. High heart rate and faster breathing can make you ejaculate faster. The key to a successful multiple orgasms is breathing slower, as it also helps slow down your heart rate.

Practice for intensity

As soon as you think you can manage to do a non-ejaculatory orgasm, you can practice until you experience the full pleasure from doing it.

Some men actually find a non-ejaculatory orgasm to be less pleasurable during their first tries. Practicing will help and it can also prolong its duration.

Enjoy the learning process

Multiple orgasms for men may sound like an impossible feat at first, but it can be achievable with enough practice. It’s also important to distinguish between non-ejaculatory orgasms and normal ejaculatory one, as this can be the first step to knowing how to achieve multiple orgasms.

It can also feel unpleasurable at first, so don’t lose all the enthusiasm you had when you tried it the first time. The process of learning and practicing how to increase the intensity and duration of every orgasm can be equally pleasurable.






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