Signs that you’re a certified tita

In today’s generation, it seems like sometimes being a bit older and more mature gives a different sense of pride. A lot of women have worn the badge “Tita of Manila” proudly on their chest, and they’re definitely not ashamed to just be themselves and show off what made them earn that title!

Could you be one of them? Here are signs that you’ve earned yourself a spot at the weekly Titas of Manila Sunday brunch get together!

You can never leave the house without your menthol balm

You’re at the age and stage in life where you can finally understand why your tito or tita would randomly whip out their favorite menthol balm at family brunch. Now you, too, cannot face the world without your own menthol balm in your bag!

This little gem helps you conquer any challenge, from your daily stressors to your responsibilities as a Tita of Manila. All it takes is a quick whiff of your menthol balm to get you through the day.

Going to the grocery is no longer an errand — it has become your hobby!

As a kid, you probably hated accompanying your parents to the grocery store because it was boring and felt like an eternity — the only part that excites you is the snacks and sweet aisles! 

But as a tita, you don’t mind spending hours on end wandering through every aisle of your favorite supermarket. You’ve probably even memorized the prices of your go-to staples by now! Even without a grocery list, you’ll always end up going home with a loaded eco bag.

You could spend hours in the furniture store

Walk past a furniture store, and suddenly, you’ve already spent three hours looking at pretty pieces to include in your wish list. And like a true tita you’ve fully blossomed into a homebody who wants to make a home that’s cozy and pretty, perfect for your Friday nights in.

The furniture store is a tita’s version of children’s toy stores. You love looking at sleek cabinets and imagining yourself filling them up with your weekly grocery restocks, and admiring the plush couches that you’d want to snuggle in every weekend.

Friday evenings have been dedicated to watching your favorite series

Speaking of being a homebody, you’re always looking forward to Friday evenings to go home, get into your coziest jammies, and binge watch your favorite series. Gone are the days when you’d rush home from work, get glammed up at 9pm, and hit the club with your gal pals as you dance the night away.

You might have a glass or two of your favorite wine, but you’re all snuggled up on the couch with your cat or dog, and losing count of how many episodes you’ve already finished for the night. Nevertheless, you’re having the time of your life!

You’re not ashamed to talk about sexual and reproductive health and rights with your gal pals

Earning the Tita of Manila badge of honor isn’t only about having mature tastes in things and starting to do activities that you’d observed from your parents when you were younger. It’s also about being mature and open-minded about all sorts of things, including sexual and reproductive health and rights.

As a tita, you’re no longer ashamed of talking about your sex life and preferences in bed with your gal pals over brunch. From your latest hookup to your contraceptive method of choice, you’re comfortable and open about talking about these things. Perhaps you even exchange tips and tricks to make sure that you’re all having the blooming sex lives you all deserve!

There’s nothing to be ashamed of if you’ve ticked all the boxes on this list! As a certified tita, it’s your time to shine and strut the streets with that “Tita of Manila” badge of honor. Not only that, better share your knowledge in sexual and reproductive health and rights with your other gal pals and the youngsters within your circle. Go out and spread that girl power!

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