How Men Can Talk to Their Partners About Family Planning

Family planning is a very important endeavor in the modern world. It’s an essential part of building one’s future and the future of their family. For people who are in relationships, clear communication is a crucial part of it. Navigating the topic of family planning can initially seem daunting, but it is an empowering process […]

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Be a hero: How vasectomies change lives for the better

At DoItRight.ph, we encourage sex positivity and sexual responsibility so people can enjoy their sexuality to the fullest. We daresay that people who follow proper sexual and reproductive health practices are true heroes. And one of the ways men can take control of their sex life and enjoy sex responsibly is by having a vasectomy. […]

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The secret to a happy family

Ever ask yourself how many kids you want to have? Everyone has the right to decide how many children they’d like to raise. The challenging part is sticking to the path you and your partner have set out on.  That’s where family planning comes in. What is family planning? The term “family planning” refers to […]

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