The “Grind” Before the Daily Grind

Why sex before work can be great for you

Having sex before going to work can make you feel like a boss. But there’s more to it than making yourself feel good for the day ahead. 

Here are some reasons why getting it on before going to work can be beneficial.

It puts you in a good mood

Sex can make our brains release “happy hormones” like oxytocin and dopamine that can help boost our mood. When we’re happy, we can feel like nothing can bring us down.

It relieves stress

Sex also helps us release endorphins, a type of hormone that helps relieve stress. If you have a big presentation or meeting coming up, getting it on before heading to work could be a good way to calm your nerves.

It’s a good workout

A study from the University of Quebec at Montreal analyzed 21 heterosexual couples and the number of calories they burned during sex. In 30 minutes of sex, men could burn around 101 calories while women could burn about 69 calories.

So, in case it’s a chore for you to go to the gym before work, you could try having sex instead! 

It can improve your performance in the office

People who shake the sheets before putting on their work clothes are said to be more optimistic and prepared for the day ahead of them. 

In a study named From the Bedroom to the Office, researchers noted that couples who have sex before work tend to perform better. This is most likely due to the fact that sex can lead to a positive mood. 

It boosts your confidence

In addition to having a positive attitude, having sex could also boost your confidence. We’ve also talked about how sex can help boost one’s self-esteem, especially if you have a vocally appreciative partner. So, some sexy time before heading to work might help you walk tall throughout the day.

If your job requires you to face many people regularly, a little lovemaking with your bae might go a long way! 






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