Why am I so horny before my period?

Horny before period

Have you noticed that there are certain days of the month when you feel sexier or hornier than usual? You’re not the only one who experiences this! It’s normal for most women to feel hornier during certain points in their menstrual cycle, especially before their period. But, why does this happen? Hormone levels change throughout […]

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Why is my Manhood Itchy?

The causes of penile itching and how to treat it We have a superstition that when your right palm itches, it means you’ll receive money soon. When the left palm itches, it’s an indication that you’ll lose money. But what if it’s your member that gets itchy? We have no superstition related to that! But […]

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The “Grind” Before the Daily Grind

Why sex before work can be great for you Having sex before going to work can make you feel like a boss. But there’s more to it than making yourself feel good for the day ahead.  Here are some reasons why getting it on before going to work can be beneficial. It puts you in […]

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