What is Penile Numbing?

Penile numbing is one of the biggest threats to penile health, and it’s helpful to understand what it is and how it happens.

Your penis has a lot of nerve endings. That’s what makes it a very sensitive organ. Penile numbing is a condition when the penis becomes insensitive or unresponsive to stimulation, as it normally should.

Other symptoms may include a prickling sensation on the penis, the skin turning bluish, and a cold feeling on or around the penis.

Is it normal?

There are many factors that could cause this, but it’s often normal for the following:

  • cyclists who regularly ride across long distances,
  • men who have low testosterone levels,
  • men who have received injuries to the penis, and
  • men who have suffered from brain or spinal cord injuries.

Numbing can also occur when you remain sitting for long periods of time. 

What should we do?

The first thing you should do if you encounter any of the symptoms mentioned above is to consult a doctor.

If you work a desk job that requires you to sit for long hours, you can prevent numbness by standing from time to time or using a more comfortable chair.

For cyclists, using a padded seat and wearing padded shorts are effective preventive measures.

There are treatments for other causes of penile numbing. Men who have low testosterone, for example, can get medication as prescribed by doctors.

You can learn more about your penile health here. As for increasing your penis’ sensitivity, you could do the following:

  • Keep your testosterone levels up by getting enough rest, avoiding stress, and following a balanced diet;
  • Avoid too much friction;
  • Sit properly and comfortably;
  • Drink moderately.

You can read about increasing your penile sensitivity by checking out this article.

It’s important to look after your penile health so you can avoid awkward situations like when your partner strokes your dick but it doesn’t respond at all. 

By keeping your penis healthy and happy, you’ll be able to enjoy sex and your sexuality!




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