Why You May Have Pregnancy Symptoms But A Negative Pregnancy Test Result

Pregnancy Symptoms But A Negative Pregnancy Test Result

Tired? Check. Nauseous? Check. Unusual cravings? Check. Could you be pregnant? We have to consider the fact that there are a lot of other possible causes of these pregnancy-like symptoms you’re experiencing. The best way to find out if they are indeed caused by a pregnancy is by taking a pregnancy test!

Some women may turn up with a negative pregnancy test result, but are still convinced that they are pregnant because of the symptoms they’re experiencing. If that’s the case, here are possible reasons why you feel pregnant but end up with a negative pregnancy test.

You tested too early

Timing is crucial when taking a pregnancy test — taking it too early could give you inaccurate results.

Some women take a pregnancy test even just a few days after doing the deed. That’s too early to tell, ladies! And even if it is a successful conception, the body hasn’t produced enough pregnancy hormones to be detected by the pregnancy test.

It’s best to take a pregnancy test after one week of still not getting your period from the date you normally get it to give your body enough time to produce pregnancy hormones.

Here’s a chart to guide you on whether it’s time to take the test:

Your hormone levels are too low

Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) is the hormone produced by a growing placenta of a pregnant woman. This is the hormone in your urine that a pregnancy test detects to see whether or not you’re pregnant. If the hormone level is too low, the test could give a negative result even though you are pregnant.

The best time to take a pregnancy test is your first pee when you wake up, first thing in the morning for more accurate results.

You’re over hydrated

When your urine is more diluted due to too much water consumed, there is less detectable hCG in it — and the less likely you’ll get an accurate result. This doesn’t mean you have to dehydrate yourself or totally cut back on water! Just don’t drink too much the night before or in the morning you’ll take your pregnancy test.

You’re ovulating

Ovulation — which is midway through your menstrual cycle — can sometimes be accompanied by symptoms such as breast tenderness, mild cramps, and occasional nausea. You may mistake these as signs of pregnancy when in fact, your ovary is just releasing an egg cell.

You’re PMS-ing

Menstruation feels a lot like pregnancy because the same body systems and hormones are involved in both situations. The rising progesterone levels during PMS and pregnancy cause the same symptoms such as tender breasts, ravenous appetite, moodiness, cramping, fatigue, spotting, and even nausea — this makes it confusing whether you are pregnant or just PMS-ing.

The solution is this: wait for a few days to pass. If you’re PMS-ing, you’ll get your period. If you don’t get your period up to the day you normally get it, take a pregnancy test in a few days.

You used the test incorrectly

Each pregnancy test kit always comes with a set of instructions — please read them carefully and follow them properly!

If you didn’t pee on the right spot of the testing kit, didn’t lay the test on a flat surface faceup, or if you let it stay for too long before checking it, you’ll get inaccurate results.

It’s psychosomatic

Sometimes when you have an intense desire to get pregnant, your brain is always filled with thoughts about pregnancy and you start symptom-spotting. You start thinking that everything you’re feeling is because you’re pregnant.

Every symptom could have a lot of other possible causes. Just remember to take a pregnancy test when you missed your period to find out if you’re really pregnant.

Can I be pregnant and still get my period?

Getting your period as you normally do, and the bleeding is enough to fill a sanitary napkin, it’s a strong sign that you are not pregnant. It’s impossible to get your period while you’re pregnant. Take a pregnancy test if it will help to ease your mind.

Why do I have pregnancy symptoms and spotting?

If you experience very light bleeding only on the day you’re expecting your period, along with some pregnancy symptoms, that could be implantation bleeding — one of the common early signs of a possible pregnancy.

Then again, there are a lot of other possible causes for spotting and light bleeding; they don’t automatically mean you’re pregnant just because you’re also experiencing pregnancy symptoms. Take a pregnancy test if you still don’t get your period in the next few days.

I missed my period but I don’t feel any pregnancy symptoms. Could I still be pregnant?

There are some women who don’t experience any symptoms during the first few weeks of pregnancy. As long as you miss your period and suspect you’re pregnant, it’s best to take a pregnancy test. Again, there are also a lot of possible reasons why you skipped your period.






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