9 Best Sex Positions for Girl-Girl Action

9 Best Sex Positions for Girl-Girl Action

If you’re reading this, perhaps you’re searching ways to have better orgasm with your partner, you’re looking for fresh ideas to do with your partner, or you’re seeking some guidance for your first- time experience.

Before getting to the good stuff, it’s worth clarifying the myths and misconceptions about lesbian sex first. The term ‘lesbian sex’ is often used to pertain to sex between two women. However, those women may not always identify as lesbian. They could identify as bisexual, pansexual, or maybe even heterosexual. Sex between women isn’t just for lesbians and cisgender couples.

It’s commonly believed and portrayed in mainstream media that sex is only about penetrative intercourse and strictly involves only a penis and a vagina. That’s why a lot of people don’t consider lesbian sex as valid or pleasurable.

Sex can mean different things to different people, and can involve whatever kind of sexual activity they’d like to do. In fact, sex can still be fun and pleasureable even without penetration

No matter what you’re up to, what matters is that you get the mind-blowing pleasure that you deserve! Here are some of the best positions for girl-to-girl action.

For fingering

Your hands are capable of doing magic tricks. Here are some positions that will take you and your partner to paradise in a snap!

Side Missionary

The Side Missionary is a great position for partners who enjoy mutual fingering. It’s a simple and easy position that offers intimacy and opportunities to cuddle up.

Both partners lie on their side, facing each other. You can heat up the moment by starting with some steamy kissing and caressing each other’s bodies. As things get hotter, you can reach between each other’s legs and stimulate the clitoris or penetrate the vagina.


Here’s a position for partners looking for a wild ride!

The giving partner lies on their back, with their dominant hand (palm up) on their lower belly. The receiving partner should then straddle their partner’s hips.

Once positioned, the receiving partner can now ride their partner’s fingers and have control over their motion and pace.


Spooning isn’t just for warm snuggles. It can give you the hottest moment with your partner, too! This position is ideal for partners who want a lazy kind of sexy time.

Both partners lie on their side, facing the same direction. The big spoon (or the giving partner) can wrap their arms around the little spoon’s (the receiving partner) waist and reach for their clitoris. The little spoon can also bend their top leg to allow the big spoon to reach behind and penetrate the vagina.

If you’re the big spoon, you can also stimulate your partner’s erogenous zones. Lick their neck, nibble on their ear, or kiss their nape. Why not whisper some sweet nothings while you’re at it!

For oral sex

Nothing beats softness of the lips and the flexibility of the tongue when massaging and stimulating the genitals. With these positions, you can show your partner what that mouth can do!


69 is a classic position enjoyed by couples of all genders. And the best part is both partners’ pleasure happens at the same time!

One partner lays on their back. The other partner lays on top of them in the opposite direction. Both of you should be facing each other’s vulvas. Once in position, you can start giving each other oral.

The sideway 69 is a variation of this position. The difference is both of you will be lying on your side, but still in opposite directions. It’s generally easier for the body, plus your hands are free. That way, you can include fingering or use vibrators for more pleasure.

Relax and Enjoy It

When in doubt, go back to basics. This is one of the first oral sex positions anyone should try when having lesbian sex. You’ll love this position if you enjoy spoiling your partner — or if you like being spoiled! Just like what its name suggests, the receiving partner relaxes and enjoys the action!

The receiving partner lies on their back with their legs open. The other partner then lies on their stomach between their partner’s legs. The giving partner proceeds to eat their partner and take them to paradise!

You can add a pillow under the receiving partner’s hips to adjust the angle and make it easier for the giving partner to access the vaginal opening.

Face Sitting

This position is exactly what its name says: one partner “sits” on the other partner’s face.

It’s also known as Queening because the receiving partner sits on a throne of pure pleasure. They have the power to control movement and sensation, and feel nothing but sexy and empowered!

The giving partner lies on their back. The receiving partner straddles on their partner’s face so the vulva makes contact with their partner’s mouth.

What’s wonderful about Face Sitting is that the giving partner also gets an incredible view of their partner’s breasts and reactions — that O face is hot as hell!

Rear Fun

Rear Fun is just like Face Sitting, but in a reversed position. This steamy position allows you to enjoy and get close with your partner’s juicy booty.

If rimming is your and your partner’s kind of thing, this position is a great way to enjoy cunnilingus or rimming.

The giving partner lies on their back, while the receiving partner straddles their partner’s face. The receiving partner should be facing towards their partner’s feet so the giving partner can lick the vulva or anus.

The receiving partner can also get down on their hands and knees to change the angle and sensation on the clitoris and G-spot.

For strap-ons

Involving toys is the perfect way to make playtime with your partner more exciting. One of the popular sex toys for lesbian sex is the strap-on. If this is the first time you’ve heard about it, a strap-on is a harness worn around the hips and attached with a dildo. With a strap-on, you can have sex as if you have your own phallus. Here are some of the best sex positions to start with if you’d like to incorporate a strap-on into your trip to pound town.


The Missionary offers a lot of intimacy, skin-to-skin contact, and even eye contact between partners.

The giving partner wears the strap on, while the receiving partner lies down on their back with their legs spread. The giving partner positions themselves on top, with their legs between their partner’s legs. If you’re the giving partner, you can place your elbows or forearms on either side of your partner’s shoulders so you can have something to support your body and steady yourself. You can glide the strap-on into your partner’s vagina. You can also incorporate nipple play or stimulate your partner’s clitoris as you continue thrusting.

Doggy Style

Doggy Style is a classic and raunchy position that can be enjoyed by all kinds of couples. This position allows the giving partner a gorgeous view of their partner’s butt, and even do stronger and deeper thrusts compared to other sex positions.

To do this position, the receiving partner gets down on their hands and knees with their legs slightly apart. The giving partner — the one wearing the strap-on — kneels behind their partner, and can start penetrating once positioned.

Giving partners can also grab their partner’s butt, stroke or pull their hair (if that’s something they like), or reach for the clitoris to stimulate it.

Safety Tips

Keep in mind that infections such as sexually transmitted infections (STIs) can be transmitted regardless your partner’s genitals and during different sexual acts, and not just through penetration.

Here are tips how you can reduce the risk for infections:

  • Use dental dams when performing oral sex on the vagina or the anus. Dental dams aren’t widely available in the Philippines, but you can make your own using condoms such as TRUST Condoms and Premiere Condoms:
    • Tear open the condom package
    • Unroll the condom
    • Snip the tip and the rolled ends
    • Cut along one side of the condom
    • Roll out the sheet, and now it’s ready for use
  • Use gloves or finger cots when manual-genital stimulation, such as fingering and clitoral stimulation.
  • Keep your hands clean and well-maintained. Always wash your hands before doing the deed to avoid spreading germs on you or your partner’s genitals. Maintaining short nails is also important if you plan on penetrating your partner using your fingers. This will help prevent painful cuts and tears that can lead to infections and discomfort.
  • Always have a tube of lubricant handy. If you’re unsure which kind of lube to use, go for water-based lube such as EZ Lubricating Jelly. It’s safe for almost all sexual activities (even with condoms and sex toys),  and it provides the feeling of natural lubrication. Not only does lube make things smoother and more pleasurable, but it makes sex safer by reducing the chances of tears and irritation. Lube is especially important during anal sex because the anus isn’t like the vagina that produces natural lubrication.
  • Keep your toys clean to prevent the spread of infections between partners. Clean the toys in between use, or consider putting on dildos and other toys for penetration before use.
  • Don’t switch from anus to vagina, whether you’re using toys or fingers. Bacteria from the anus can disrupt the vaginal flora and cause infections. You can go from vagina to anus, but if you want to do it the other way around, you’ll have to wash your toy or hands thoroughly before entering the vagina.

Other tips

Everyone has their own preferences in bed, but here are some more tips to help you have a fun and pleasurable experience.


You’ve heard this before and you’ll hear it again and again: Communication is always crucial for a healthy relationship and satisfying sex. Get to know what your partner likes, dislikes, as well as their limitations. Also, make sure they’re fully aware of the sexual activity you’re going to do and that they’re 100% agreeing they’ll do it with you.

You should also communicate with your partner even as you’re doing the act. Ask them from time to time if they’re comfortable with what’s happening. In the same way, you should also be able to openly communicate how you feel with what you’re doing.

Don’t imitate what you see in porn

Most of the mainstream lesbian porn are made for men’s fetish and satisfaction. That’s why the positions and techniques are often unrealistic or not really pleasurable for women.

Don’t imitate what you see in porn because they’re not the most reliable guide you can get. What makes sex pleasurable is what you and your partner like, and your partner is the best source for that. Just ask your partner for their preference, and talk about what techniques or positions you’d like to do with them.

Be creative

You’re not limited to just 9 sex positions, but you might want to start out with these. There are a lot of lesbian sex positions that you can try, or you can modify some of your favorite positions to switch things up. Incorporating games, kinks, toys, and roleplaying are other ways you can make things more exciting. It’s all up to you, as long as you have fun!


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