A Sexy Time Checklist for Men

In this day and age, we men need to step up our game! We should know that shaking the sheets is more than just a physical activity; it’s a journey that can deepen the connection between two individuals, creating moments of intimacy that linger long after. As modern men, we have to understand the importance of fostering healthy and fulfilling connections in our relationships.

And when it comes to sexy time, respect and communication can go a long way! They can help ensure that you and your partner hit the high notes before you end your sexual symphony.

That’s where our sexy time checklist comes into play, acting as a guide to not only enhance the experience but also to cultivate a genuine connection. By diligently ticking off each item on this list, you’re not just engaging in a pleasurable encounter but crafting a shared experience that resonates on both a physical and emotional level.

1. Do you both have enough energy for it?

Before diving into intimate moments, it’s essential to gauge each other’s energy levels. Physical intimacy requires a certain amount of vitality, and ensuring that both partners feel rested and alert contributes to a more enjoyable experience.

2. Do you have protection?

Sexual encounters should always involve protection, especially for people who aren’t ready for the challenges (and blessings) of parenthood. For us guys, condoms (and vasectomies) are the way to go, but there are other modern contraceptive methods that can help safeguard our sexual health.

3. Has the mood been set?

This is a must if you want to enhance the overall experience. Take a moment to engage in activities that build anticipation and intimacy, such as sharing a quiet moment, expressing affection, dirty talk, foreplay, or even some background music.

4. Is the setting good enough?

A welcoming atmosphere can enhance connection and allow both partners to immerse themselves in the experience fully.

5. What are you gonna try?

Open communication about desires and boundaries is crucial. Discussing preferences, fantasies and fetishes, or trying new things can add excitement and variety to the experience. Knowing each other’s comfort zones can guarantee an enjoyable encounter.

6. Do you both consent?

Consent is the cornerstone of any healthy sexual relationship. Both partners should openly communicate their willingness and boundaries to secure a fun time.

Always remember to check these items before sexy time. It’s your responsibility to ensure that both you and your partner feel good and safe!

Sexual experiences are not just about the act itself but the shared moments between you and your partner. So, gentlemen, remember to #DoItRight before the sheets are shaken!


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