The Impact of Diet on Male Fertility

What you eat doesn’t just fuel your body; it also plays a role in your sexual prowess. And when it comes to us men, that involves the health of our little swimmers. So, whether you’re on a mission to start a family or just want to keep your reproductive system in tip-top shape, it’s time […]

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How Much Should You “Unload” When Ejaculating?

Reaching climax is such a wonderful moment that brings a flood of blissful sensations. It’s like entering a realm of euphoria, where pleasure takes center stage, and the body dances to its own rhythm of delight. Picture it as the grand finale of a symphony, one last high note for all instruments to reach.  For […]

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Healthy Swimmers: How to Keep Your Sperm Healthy

Let’s first get something straight: your sperm’s health and mobility have nothing to do with your masculinity. That’s an old-fashioned and rather outdated belief. It’s not necessarily true that your fertility is connected to how much of a man you are; However, it’s quite beneficial to be mindful of the condition of your swimmers. Having […]

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Can pre-cum get you pregnant?

Ejaculation isn’t the only instance wherein semen is released.  There’s such a thing called pre-cum, and a lot of people may be wondering: “Can pre-cum get you pregnant?” What is pre-cum? Pre-cum is a fluid that is naturally released by anyone with a penis. It leaks before ejaculation and cannot be controlled. It is possible […]

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