To Swallow or not to Swallow: Does Semen Contain Nutrients?

You might have heard some people saying that swallowing jizz can be beneficial to one’s health and beauty.  This rumor has been passed on from generations, but does this “reward” hold any truth? In fact, yes it is. Although gross and meant only for the vagina, semen actually does contain a few nutrients aside from […]

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Can you increase your Semen Volume?

One of the main concerns men usually have when it comes to sex is how pleasurable it can be, both for themselves and for their partner. Some may find lasting longer in bed more pleasurable, while others believe that ejaculating more semen would increase their and their partner’s sexual pleasure. According to the World Health […]

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What Does A Vagina Taste Like?

A healthy vagina should taste like, well, a healthy vagina! It could taste sweet, sour, salty, bitter, or metallic. It might even have faint hints of what you ate last night. The taste might even vary throughout the month because of your menstrual cycle. Every vagina has a unique tang, but there are common flavor […]

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