What You Need To Know About Sex, Gender, Gender Identity, and Sexual Orientation

sex, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation

Sex, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation — how are they different from each other??? We understand that they seem confusing at first glance. Individually, they are much deeper and more complex than how we’ll explain them, but it’s actually quite easy to know how each is different. Sex Male and female sexes are defined by […]

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Alcoholic Drinks: Are They Good or Bad for Your Sex Life

Throughout history, alcohol has been part of every culture. Some say that moderately drinking booze boosts their self-esteem and social skills, though studies have shown that it’s just placebo.  Some also claim that it makes them better in bed. But is there any truth to that? Here are some of the effects of alcohol on […]

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What You Should Know About Anorgasmia or Female Orgasmic Disorder

anorgasmia, female orgasmic disorder, family planning, reproductive health

Orgasmic dysfunction is a condition wherein someone struggles to reach orgasm, even when they’re sexually aroused and sexually stimulated sufficiently. Men and women can both experience this, but much less common among men. This condition is called female orgasmic dysfunction if it happens in women. Orgasms are described as having an intense feeling of release […]

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Can Coffee Affect Your Testosterone?

Coffee, the sweet bitterness that helps us busy men jumpstart our mornings and become productive throughout the day. It is definitely one of the staple things that we usually get whenever we need a boost to complete our daily routine. Although drinking coffee has a lot of positive benefits to offer, we may be forgetting […]

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