What’s the Average Size of a Pinoy Sausage?

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If you’re reading this article, you might have to prepare your tape measure or your ruler to check your size. Are you ready? Well, here it goes. According to the studies made by the University of Ulster-Northern Irelands back in 2015, Filipinos are ranked 110th worldwide, penis size-wise. While the world has an average of […]

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Can A Woman Get Pregnant If She Has Unprotected Intercourse During Her Period?

Can A Woman Get Pregnant If She Has Unprotected Sex During Her Period

A common fertility myth is that there is no chance of getting pregnant if a woman has unprotected sex while on her period. Although the chances are lower, the possibility isn’t completely down to zero. […]

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Should You Give Lady V A Haircut?

Should You Give Lady V A Haircut

Some may find pubic hair pesky, but it actually serves a purpose. Your hair down there protects your genitals from friction and infections. It’s like the vagina’s “eyelashes” to keep anything from entering the body. Pubic hair is biologically normal and there for a purpose — it shouldn’t be ashamed of! […]

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To The Girls And Boys Who Are Ready To “Lose” Their Virginity

To The Girls And Boys Who Are Ready To "Lose" Their Virginity

Virginity has different meanings. There really isn’t just one definition of virginity. It can have a lot of different meanings, and can vary from person to person. Virginity really doesn’t have any medical or scientific meaning, nor does it serve as a basis for anything. A lot of people believe that vaginal penetration with a […]

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Are there Sex Positions That Can Reduce the Risks of Pregnancy?

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We can’t deny that there are certain times where we get so clingy, we want our partners to be as intimate with us as possible. Thus, leading to thoughts of having unprotected sex. However, the risks of unplanned pregnancy bother us, making us ask the question, “Are there any sex positions that can reduce the […]

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What is Penile Fracture?

Although rare, there’s a possibility that a man’s junk can get broken. This condition is called “penile fracture”, which can happen when a man’s genitals figure in a traumatic action. Because the penis doesn’t actually have any bone (even though it’s called a boner), the thing that breaks is actually the parts that are responsible […]

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