Get To Know The Female Sexual Anatomy

female sexual anatomy

A hand mirror will be your next best friend in getting a closer look at your genitalia. Learning each part and seeing your own body can help you understand sex and your health more. As each woman has a unique face, each has a unique body as well, and your genitalia may not look exactly […]

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Clitoris 101: Location, Anatomy, and Function

clitoris anatomy

The clitoris — or known as “mani” or “tinggil” by Filipinos — is the most elusive part of the female anatomy. It’s often misunderstood because it’s not discussed openly. Knowledge is power, as they say. And knowing your sexual anatomy — or entire body for that matter — is a great start to embracing your […]

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What Does ‘Sex Positivity’ Mean?

Nowadays, people are more open and comfortable with talking about sex. The taboos around sex are decreasing, and the topic is being more and more accepted. Because of this, the benefits of sex and safe sex practices are more well known, and people are more comfortable with their bodies and identities. Sex positivity embraces human […]

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Cleaning Up After Sex

cleaning up after sex

Getting down and dirty is a sexy yet messy process. There’s a lot of bodily fluids involved during outer- or intercourse. The chances of getting them on yourself, your partner, and the sheets are high.  How do you clean the bits and the junk? The vagina is a strong and independent woman who can clean […]

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Girls’ Guide To Getting The Big O


Who wouldn’t want a taste of the big O!? It’s the most anticipated part of sex for most people! It’s always believed that most women can’t orgasm, and that penetration is the only way to make a woman orgasm — but they’re not true! A lot of women don’t reach orgasm because most of the […]

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Get To Know Your Breast Friends


Breasts are both part of your reproductive anatomy and sexual anatomy. They’re considered essential reproductive parts because moms can use their breasts to feed their infants. When it comes to sexual anatomy, breasts are often sexually sensitive and considered an erogenous zone, and part of a lot of people’s sexuality. For some, they consider their […]

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