How do I know if I’m ovulating?

Ovulation is the process wherein the ovary releases a mature egg cell — this sets the stage for fertilization! The egg cell travels through the fallopian tube, where it can possibly meet a sperm cell. This is also why ovulation is also known as your fertile days because this is the time where pregnancy is […]

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What is Testosterone?

Learning more about sexuality will surely make you encounter the word “testosterone”, especially when talking about male-oriented topics. Testosterone is a hormone that all humans, male or female, develop in their body which primarily helps with growth and development.  In men, this hormone is produced in their testicles. In women, this hormone is produced in […]

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Understanding the female sex hormones

Everyone has what are called “male” and “female” sex hormones. They are natural substances produced by the body. Sex hormones play an important role in sexual development, reproduction, and general health, by relaying messages between cells and organs to carry out different bodily functions. Read on to understand the female sex hormones and what they […]

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The Importance Of Hygiene During Your Period

Hygiene, Underwear, Fresh

Some women perceive menstruating as a very uncomfortable experience, while others look at it as a natural cleansing process. Every woman may have a different view towards menstruation, but surely all women want to have a mess-free period, and a fresh and comfortable day. Just as brushing your teeth and washing your hands are essential […]

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Abnormal Vaginal Bleeding

abnormal vaginal bleeding, reproductive health, family planning

What’s Causing Unusual Spotting And Bleeding? Spotting refers to light vaginal bleeding when you don’t have your period. This is also called intermenstrual bleeding, wherein spotting or bleeding between your normal periods. A lot of women experience intermenstrual bleeding. It shouldn’t be a cause of concern in most cases, but sometimes it’s a sign of […]

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Should I be worried about blood clots in my period?

Period blood may not be the best view to have. More so if they come with blood clots! You’ve most likely experienced menstrual clots at some point of your life — and maybe you’ve also wondered whether something’s wrong with you. Menstrual clots are normal and rarely a cause for concern. Why do clots happen? […]

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