Common Reproductive Health Concerns For Women

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Endometriosis One of the common health problems that women face is endometriosis, which affects the uterus—the most important organ during pregnancy because it’s where the baby develops. Endometriosis occurs when the endometrium, the kind of tissue that lines the uterus, grows in places other than inside the uterus. It can grow on the ovaries, behind […]

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Vaginal health at every age

Your body goes through a lot of changes as you age, and your vagina and genitals are no exception. You’ll probably notice and experience changes in how your vagina may feel or how your genitals look throughout your life. These changes are normal, but they can affect your bathroom habits and sex life. Here are […]

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Common Reproductive Health Concerns For Men

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Ejaculation Problem These might include the lack of ability to get and maintain an erection firm and long enough for sex (erectile dysfunction) or, uncommonly, a persistent and usually painful erection that isn’t caused by sexual gratification or arousal (priapism). Other typical concerns might include the inability to ejaculate, premature ejaculation, delayed ejaculation, painful ejaculation […]

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Female Infertility

Female, Infertility, Sex, Pregnancy

One out of ten Filipinos are infertile, according to research. Although millions of women deal with fertility problems, but many of them also go on to have babies. This section will help you know more about female infertility, diagnosis, and treatments available in the Philippines. What Is Infertility Women who have tried getting pregnant for […]

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5 Things You Might Experience when Breastfeeding

Things You Might Experience when breastfeeding

Congratulations for making it through pregnancy, labor, and delivery! You’ve been through a rollercoaster ride of physical changes and you’ve probably been expecting for it to stop. But as you start breastfeeding, you’re about to experience another round of changes in your body. Every mom’s experience is different, but here are five common things breastfeeding […]

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