Female Routine Health Checkup

female routine health checkup, reproductive health, family planning, mammogram, pap smear test, hpv test, hpv vaccine

Most women will probably not have problems with their health, but it’s still important to undergo routine checkups to make sure that you’re healthy. Reproductive systems are complex, and although some health checks are easy and simple enough to be done on your own, occasional visits to the doctor are necessary for others. Checkups will […]

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What is Smegma?

cheese, penis, man

Smegma, also known as “that thing the bully used to call you back in middle school,” is a whitish or yellowish substance found around the genitals of both male and female. It’s a normal thing to happen, especially if you’re already sexually active (usually around 14 years old and above) because it acts as a […]

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What’s the Average Size of a Pinoy Sausage?

sausage, man, penis, size

If you’re reading this article, you might have to prepare your tape measure or your ruler to check your size. Are you ready? Well, here it goes. According to the studies made by the University of Ulster-Northern Irelands back in 2015, Filipinos are ranked 110th worldwide, penis size-wise. While the world has an average of […]

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Lip Lovin’: Appreciating Your Lady Bits

Female genitals

Vulvas, the outer part of your genitals, and all their components are unique. They come in different sizes, shapes, colors, and even smell. A lot of ladies are unsure whether their genitals are normal. Well, there really isn’t a “normal” genital. When talking about appearance, it’s usually the labia (or “vaginal lips”) that women refer […]

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Tight or loose vagina: Is that a problem?

tight or loose vagina

There’s a lot of myths and misconceptions when it comes to the vagina. Some people believe that reaching orgasm or how pleasurable sex will be for the man and woman depends on the tightness. Others think that a woman who never had vaginal penetration has a tight vagina. While those who’ve had several sexual experiences […]

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Why am I dry?

Vaginal dryness has a lot of possible contributing factors and can happen at any age. It shouldn’t last long and be a cause of concern as it can be treated easily. Vaginal dryness could cause itching, irritation, and discomfort, and even affect sexual experience. To know what you can do about vaginal dryness requires knowing […]

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What is a Dry Orgasm?

As men, we know that our orgasms usually consist of shooting out semen. But there can be instances when we’ve reached our peak but no shots were fired.  This is called a dry orgasm or orgasmic anejaculation. This condition is where a man felt an orgasm, but no semen was released from the penis. Dry […]

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Painful Ejaculations: What you should know

Painful ejaculation can turn one of life’s greatest pleasures into something frustrating. Dysorgasmia or orgasmalgia, aka painful ejaculation, is a condition in which a man feels pain during or after each ejaculation. This pain can be felt on the penis, scrotum, and perineal or the area around the anus. This condition may affect a man’s […]

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5 pregnancy myths debunked

Filipinos have always clung to superstitions and traditional beliefs. There’s a pamahiin for almost everything — even pregnancy wasn’t able to escape this culture! Pregnancy is an overwhelming experience on its own. On top of that, pregnant moms are often bombarded with (often conflicting and confusing) advice from well-meaning loved ones. Some superstitions are harmless […]

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