Female Infertility

Female, Infertility, Sex, Pregnancy

One out of ten Filipinos are infertile, according to research. Although millions of women deal with fertility problems, but many of them also go on to have babies. This section will help you know more about female infertility, diagnosis, and treatments available in the Philippines. What Is Infertility Women who have tried getting pregnant for […]

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5 Things You Might Experience when Breastfeeding

Things You Might Experience when breastfeeding

Congratulations for making it through pregnancy, labor, and delivery! You’ve been through a rollercoaster ride of physical changes and you’ve probably been expecting for it to stop. But as you start breastfeeding, you’re about to experience another round of changes in your body. Every mom’s experience is different, but here are five common things breastfeeding […]

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Why You May Have Pregnancy Symptoms But A Negative Pregnancy Test Result

Pregnancy Symptoms But A Negative Pregnancy Test Result

Tired? Check. Nauseous? Check. Unusual cravings? Check. Could you be pregnant? We have to consider the fact that there are a lot of other possible causes of these pregnancy-like symptoms you’re experiencing. The best way to find out if they are indeed caused by a pregnancy is by taking a pregnancy test! Some women may […]

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Implantation Bleeding

implantation bleeding

You got your “period” but it was just spotting that lasted for three days. You’re also experiencing some of the early signs of pregnancy, so now you’re unsure if you’re pregnant or not. The only way to find out if you’re pregnant is by taking a pregnancy test. But if you’re wondering whether your short […]

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What Is Water Retention

water retention

Your body is mostly made up of water. It’s in the blood, muscles, organs, and bones. Water is essential to your body, but sometimes your body holds too much of it. This is called water retention. It causes puffiness, bloating, and swelling. You also feel heavier and less active than usual. Does it make me […]

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Are Veiny Penis Normal or a Medical Concern?

As a man, you might check out your junk more than a few times per day. It’s normal to inspect how it’s hanging out there, especially when it’s expecting a performance. You may notice that there are veins popping out of that bad boy. Don’t worry, they’re completely normal. All penises have veins, some may […]

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