How do women know they’ve reached the Big O?

A lot of women have trouble figuring out if they’ve already reached orgasm. TV shows, movies, and porn often depict it as explosive and “earth-shattering,” popularly described as “like fireworks.”

But on-screen orgasms are only performative, and don’t accurately depict women’s actual orgasms in real life. So, the first thing you should know is that your experience doesn’t have to be like on the screens.

It’s easy to tell when a man orgasms because they ejaculate. On the other hand, women’s orgasms aren’t discussed openly and as clear-cut as shown in movies and pop culture. It happens in a spectrum, and could be different every time. That’s why a lot of women can’t tell whether they’ve got the O moment.

Here are a few things you should know about women’s orgasms, and how to find out if you’ve reached it.

Women experience orgasms differently

Just like sex, having an orgasm is a personal experience. It varies for woman to woman, and may even feel different to a woman at different times.

Every woman may have a different way to describe experiencing an orgasm, but here are three broad ways how orgasms may feel like:

  • The peak of sexual pleasure during the particular sexual activity
  • Feels different from the other sensations
  • Release of built-up pleasure

Other ways women have described their orgasm are like “tremors,” “hurts-so-good,” and “little bursts of pleasure.”

Every orgasm will be different

Not all orgasms have the same intensity. You could have explosive orgasms on some days, and tiny, insignificant ones on other days.

It doesn’t matter how big or amazing your orgasm is, as long as you enjoy and feel good throughout the experience.

But did you know that you can experience different orgasms? That’s how amazing women’s bodies are!

There are five common orgasms, but may vary from person to person. They are:

  • Clitoral orgasm. They’re often felt at the surface of the body, sending a tingly sensation on your skin and brain. This is achieved through clitoral stimulation.
  • Vaginal orgasm. They’re felt deeper in the body, and can be felt by the partner penetrating the vagina because vaginal walls will pulse. Vaginal penetration can cause this kind of orgasm.
  • Anal orgasm. They’re also felt deep in the body, around the anal sphincter. The contractions will make you feel the urge to pee. Anal orgasm’s happen by stimulating the anus or doing anal play.
  • Blended orgasm. What’s even more amazing is that women can experience two orgasms at the same time! The vaginal (particularly when the G-spot is stimulated) and clitoral orgasm is the most common combination. Some women may even ejaculate when they experience this.
  • Erogenous zone orgasm. You can also have an orgasm when your erogenous zones are stimulated continuously.

You can achieve better orgasms

Practice makes perfect, as they say. And the same saying goes with achieving orgasms.

Yes, you can have better orgasms by masturbating. You become acquainted with the orgasms you can experience, and you discover what your body needs to achieve an orgasm.

Perhaps you find a specific stroke with a certain level of pressure at a particular spot very pleasurable, that it can make you orgasm. Once you’ve discovered what you like, you can communicate this to your partner so they know how they can give you a good experience.

There are some physical signs that you’ve orgasmed

If you’re still unsure whether you’re having an orgasm or not, your body can show signs when you’re nearing the peak. Again, people may react differently, but most will experience some sort of involuntary physiological response.

Below are some of the most common tell-tale signs you’ve orgasmed.

  • Your body shakes
  • You feel tension, followed by a release
  • Your muscles spasm
  • You feel happy and relaxed
  • Your breathing and heart rate change
  • You feel sleepy
  • Your skin is flushed

After an orgasm, your genitals may feel so sensitive that you don’t want it to be touched for a few minutes. You can focus on stimulating other parts of your body if you want to continue the action after an orgasm.








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