Here are Not-So-Sexy Things You Might Be Doing In Bed

sex mistakes

Whoever said that relationships require effort from both (or all) parties involved was right, and the same thing goes for your sex life! No one is perfect, and even if you think you’re a good lover, you can still fall into bad habits — even in the bedroom. There’s no right or wrong way to […]

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The Five Love Languages And How To Communicate Them

The love languages are some ways how you can communicate love. Knowing and understanding your partner’s language will let you know how you can effectively communicate your love to them. Just as how that sappy tweet and Instagram caption goes: “find someone who speaks your language so that you don’t have to keep on translating your soul.” Have you found your ‘someone’? […]

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8 Surefire Ways To Keep The Sparks Alive

keep the sparks alive

Couples normally feel bored in their relationship after months or years. Moments become ordinary, and the butterflies in your stomach start to fly away. The “honeymoon” phase may have passed, but you can always choose to re-energize things to keep the sparks going! Here are some of what you can do. Capture their eyes There’s […]

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Things Men Shouldn’t Say After Shaking the Sheets

Your partner is lying next to you, basking in the glow of aftersex and simmering down the intimate moment you two have just shared. The silence between the two of you might urge you to say something and it could be unexpectedly dumb that can massively ruin your after-sex moment. Here are some of the […]

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Got Ghosted? Here’s How To Bust Out Of The Blues

Ghosting — suddenly disappearing from someone’s life without explanation — is one of the most heartbreaking and soul-crushing phenomena in the world of dating. Everything seems totally fine at the beginning. Your conversations keep going and you start getting attached to the person. Then one day, they stopped replying and cut all communications with you. […]

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