Plus-Size Pleasure: The best sex positions for curvy girls

In a society where being slim is deemed as the “ideal” body type, lovely ladies in the larger side are often excluded in discussions on sex and sensuality. However, sex is a beautiful experience that anyone should be free to do it without inhibitions. Body image is one of the biggest reasons why women tend […]

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Men’s Guide to Entering the Back Door

Trying new things in bed is always a good thing for couples. For men, trying anal sex may mean various things. They can look at it as a way to enjoy sex without having thoughts about pregnancies, it can bring a different kind of pleasure, or they may see it as the rawest and purest […]

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The Perineum: A Little Patch Of Intense Pleasure

For a little patch of skin, the perineum can offer massive pleasure. It has a lot of nerve endings too, making it highly sensitive to touch (especially when aroused) and earning a spot on the list of erogenous zones. No matter what your gender is, all bodies have this and anyone can experience the wonders of the perineum! […]

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Come Along With Me: Reaching The Big “O” Together

simultaneous orgasms

Achieving orgasm together seems like every couple’s goal every time they have sex, and a lot of people think that it must happen to have a satisfying sexual relationship. But in reality, simultaneous orgasms don’t always happen and it’s only one potential part of a satisfying sexual relationship. […]

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Why am I so horny? — What you should know about high sex drive

Libido or sex drive refers to a person’s overall desire, emotion, and mental energy for engaging in sexual activities. It’s usually affected by three different major factors: biological, psychological, and social. It’s hard to say what the normal level of libido is since it varies from person to person. However, there are such things as […]

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What can Pineapples do to your Sex Life

Many Filipinos are always concerned about their own smell, especially when they know that they’re going to get lucky with oral later. Vaginas smell “vagina-like”, while penises smell “penis-like”, which may make you think that these may also taste the same. One remedy that most can encounter is to eat pineapples so they can “taste […]

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