Five Tips in Improving Bedtime Performance for Men

Many men want to perform their best on the bed with their partner. They want to keep their partners happy, whether doing new stuff or overcoming the current walls they’re facing. Although enhancement pills are available on the market for a quick boost, there are a few things that men can do to improve their […]

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The Perineum: A Little Patch Of Intense Pleasure


For a little patch of skin, the perineum can offer massive pleasure. It has a lot of nerve endings too, making it highly sensitive to touch (especially when aroused) and earning a spot on the list of erogenous zones. No matter what your gender is, all bodies have this and anyone can experience the wonders of the perineum! […]

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Come Along With Me: Reaching The Big “O” Together

simultaneous orgasms

Achieving orgasm together seems like every couple’s goal every time they have sex, and a lot of people think that it must happen to have a satisfying sexual relationship. But in reality, simultaneous orgasms don’t always happen and it’s only one potential part of a satisfying sexual relationship. […]

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